EER088: Sustainable Travel, Large Family Travel and Family Cruises with Global Munchkins

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Sustainable travel, large family travel and family cruises — just three of the many topics covered in my conversation with Amber Mamian of the Global Munchkins family travel blog.

EER088: Sustainable travel, Large Family Travel and Family Cruises with Global Munchkins

Sustainable Travel, Large Family Travel & Family Cruises

Amber is the mother of five children: three biological, and two via adoption. Her love of travel actually was actually triggered by adoption travel. Her son, Shea, was adopted from Ethiopia, and that required her being present to pick him up.

Amber was once afraid of flying. Then she boarded a 14-hour flight to Ethiopia, and soon afterward, her fear of flying was gone.

Her fear was replaced by wanderlust.

Their infant daughter Olivia joined the family and “completed the puzzle,” Amber says. How does she manage to travel with five kids? She explains some of her strategies here. That includes practicing and role-playing how to act in airports and customs lines.

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The Importance of Sustainable Travel

Amber is an advocate of sustainable tourism, and active in charity work. One of those charities is Water First, whose work in Ethiopia first led her towards Shea’s adoption. The desire to help has rubbed off on her kids, as well. For example, her daughter has her own baking business: she makes macarons and donates the proceeds to charity.

Sustainable travel takes many forms. In this Epic Education Radio interview, we talk about how to get your tourist dollars to the right people. Amber also talks about travel in the developing world, and the impact of sustainable travel.

Large Family Travel & Cruises

In addition to these journeys, Amber’s large family travel adventures include family cruises. Have you tried a family cruise before? This interview makes a strong argument for them.

Family cruises are great because of all the fun activities, of course. However, Amber cites another benefit: there’s no moving from one hotel to another. Staying in one room is incredibly convenient — especially with large family travel. When you travel with five kids, you want less packing and unpacking. Family cruises provide this convenience.

Listen in as we discuss sustainable travel, travel gear, travel tips, education, traveling with five kids, and how to get the most out of family cruises.


  • 03:38 Introduction
  • 04:52 Origins as a traveling family
  • 09:15 Large family travel planning & routines
  • 14:12 Family Cruises: an introduction
  • 16:31 Social life on family cruises
  • 19:41 Challenges of family cruises
  • 20:40 Travel in the developing world
  • 24:07 Her daughter’s business/charity
  • 25:09 Sustainable travel
  • 27:55 Travel Gear
  • 31:41 Resources
  • 34:03 Searching for flight in “incognito”
  • 36:50 Travel, education and pulling kids out of school
  • 39:48 Destinations


  • Names: Amber Mamian, her husband, Mike,  and their 5 kids: Cam (14), Owen (12), Shea (10), Ella (9) and Olivia, aka: Liv (3)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Short-term travel
  • A few places they’ve been: Ethiopia, Dubai, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and many destinations in Europe and the USA




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EER088: Sustainable travel, Large Family Travel and Family Cruises with Global Munchkins
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