EER091: AirBnB Tips and Online Education While Traveling

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Money, accommodation, and online education while traveling. These are the three of the main challenges many traveling families face. In today’s episode, we address two of them: AirBnB tips and online education while traveling.

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AirBnB Tips and Online Education While Traveling

Taking online classes while traveling is one way to approach education on the road. That’s what these kids do. Her insight and AirBnB tips here. Education is important to Erich and Alrica Goldstein. However, they knew that travel should be a part of the kids’ development as well. So what did they do? They sold their stuff, changed their mailing address to Erich’s parents’ house, and set out into the world. That was over 16 months ago now. Since then, they’ve been to over a dozen countries.

Every traveling family approaches education in their own way. Some practice homeschooling. Others craft their own versions of unschooling or worldschooling. Some families put their kids in local schools like we did. Other families skip conventional education altogether — especially if their kids are very young or the travel is only for a specific amount of time.

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Online Education While Traveling

For the Goldsteins, they’ve chosen online education while traveling. In fact, taking online classes while overseas is more common that you may think. There are lots of sites and apps providing online classes for kids. Many previous guests have mentioned the most popular ones such as Khan Academy and Time4Learning. Language learning apps like Duolingo get a lot of recommendations, too. Alrica’s kids take full advantage of school online while traveling. They take a number of gifted online classes for subjects like chemistry and physics. In the interview, Alrica talks about some of their online learning resources. If you’re interested in online education while traveling, listen in and take notes.

AirBnB Tips

We also discuss some of the challenges of apartment rentals and discuss AirBnB tips that you can use in a number of situations. That most important AirBnB tip? Ask your host a lot of questions before you book, and then confirm everything when you arrive. Is fast internet a priority? It is for me, and for Alrica, too. That’s why we both check the internet speed as soon as we arrive. This is possibly the most important AirBnB tip for people who work online. Don’t unpack, and don’t say goodbye to your host until you’ve checked the internet speed.

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If you’re interested in family travel accommodation, gap year travel, AirBnB tips, and online education while traveling, then this is your show. We also discuss travel gear and the Goldstein’s favorite destinations.


  • 01:47 Intro
  • 05:07 Taking a trial trip
  • 07:53 The sweet spot
  • 10:20 Family Travel is a choice
  • 16:41 Apps & websites
  • 21:58 language per country
  • 24:49 Internet & Tips for using AirBnB
  • 32:49 Work & Money
  • 34:32 Online Education While Traveling
  • 42:55  Travel Gear & packing
  • 46:26 The Macgyver method VS Boy Scout method
  • 48:23 Destinations


  • Names: Alrica Goldstein, her husband, Erich, son Carver (12) and daughter Syarra (10)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Long-term travel — 18 months & counting
  • A few places they’ve been: Malaysia, South Africa, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Namibia, India, Morocco, Iceland and more.





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