EER095: Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting and the Family Adventure Summit

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Worldschooling. Travel budgeting. Family Travel planning and the upcoming Family Adventure Summit. We cover a lot in this episode of Epic Education Radio, so strap in and let’s get started!

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Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting & the Family Adventure Summit

This week’s guest is Amy Sztupovszky, a mother and worldschooling advocate from Canada with some amazing family travel experiences and insights to share.

Amy and her husband, Mike, have two boys, and a home in Canada, but they still try to travel for around half of the year. Are the independently wealthy? No. Did they win the lottery? Nope. Do they do some serious travel budgeting and make sacrifices to make travel a part of their lives? You bet. We discuss these sacrifices and their travel planning and travel budgeting strategies in this episode.

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What is Worldschooling?

What’s worldschooling? There are many interpretations, but the broad and fairly-well-agreed-upon definition is using the world as your classroom. Worldschooling could be using currency conversion to teach math. Worldschooling could be using travel to new countries and cultures to teach social studies. And worldschooling happens in far-flung locales and in your own backyard. If the world is your classroom — and it should be — then you’ve experienced some worldschooling.

Travel Budgeting and Travel Planning

Mike and Amy knew that if they wanted to travel with their kids often and for long periods of time, long-term travel planning and some clever travel budgeting would be vital. Travel budgeting and long-term travel planning aren’t as sexy and photogenic as throwing on the pack and striding out of the airport. However, for most people, travel goals will only be realized after some serious planning and travel budgeting.

For Mike and Amy, part of their travel planning and travel budgeting took the form of their house and their work. Mike is a carpenter by trade, so he was able to step into and out of work as they went along, but the work is hard on the body, and so one of their travel planning goals was for them to move into some other type of business.

Carpentry did plan another role in their family travel budgeting, however, and that was in their housing. One of the sacrifices they made was to buy a small house, strip it down and rebuild it, pay it off and be debt-free. Their house is smaller than some people may want, but it’s theirs, it’s paid for, and it now allows them to explore the world for months and months at a time.

Travel Budgeting and New Businesses

Amy and Mike also set up some small local businesses to help support their travel lifestyle. In addition to a co-op and a small import/export business, they have also incorporated virtual assistant work into their travel budgeting income.

Amy and Mike

Amy now does VA work for Brandon Pearce of the homeschooling and family travel website Pearce on Earth, and is part of the planning team for the Family Adventure Summit, a new conference happening for the first time this September in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.

What’s the Family Adventure Summit?

The Family Adventure Summit is a new kind of conference bringing together families from all over to discuss new ways to live, educate and earn a living while experiencing the world. Yes, worldschooling, travel budgeting and other elements of education and family travel economics will be part of the program, but it’s much, much more. You should go. Really.

Family Travel & Worldschooling

All of this is in relation to the joy and value that comes with meaningful family travel. Listen in, and let us know what you think!


  • 02:28 Intro
  • 04:33 Travel planning: 3 months in Europe using Airbnb
  • 07:29 Origins, travel planning & travel budgeting
  • 18:14 Starting businesses and new income streams
  • 21:57 Working as a virtual assistant
  • 24:28 Education, unschooling & worldschooling
  • 27:06 Homeschooling through project-based learning
  • 28:39 The Family Adventure Summit
  • 3o:27 Travel Gear
  • 36:23 Worldschooling Resources


  • Names: Mike and Amy Sztupovszky and their sons Lan (11) and Kayden (9)
  • Hold passports from: Canada
  • Type of travel: Slow travel. Now based in Canada & usually travel during winter months
  • A few places they’ve been: All over North America, Southeast Asia and Europe




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EER095 Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting and the Family Adventure Summit PIN
740 EER095 Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting and the Family Adventure Summit
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