EER104: Family RV Travel & Running a Business from Mexico

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Family RV travel in Mexico. Running a Business from Mexico. Freedom, flexibility, education, screen time and location independence. These are just a few of the topics covered in this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio.

Family RV Travel in Mexico

Paul and Becky Kortman like to say that they actually fell into a location independent lifestyle. However the method, the results have been life-changing for them. After a year traveling the world, they returned to the United States only for their children to ask them: “Can we please keep traveling?”

And continue traveling they did. From flights and backpacks, they switched to an RV and drove south. The original goal was to go all the way to Ecuador. Then they arrived in Mexico….and never left. Family RV travel in Mexico wasn’t the plan, but one of the beautiful things about the Kortman’s travel family life is the freedom and flexibility to change their plans altogether if they want.

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Running a Business from Mexico

Paul is a location independent entrepreneur who brings his work with him. Running a business from Mexico might seem like a dream, but for Paul, it’s a reality.

He connects with his team and works as they explore Mexico in an RV, all the while searching for home along the way. They call their blog “Home Along the Way” for that reason, and this has become an important part of their families life and learning.

Why Family RV Travel in Mexico?

Paul has great things to say about family RV travel in Mexico, and about life in Mexico in general. “When we were living in the US, all we heard [about Mexico] was negative, negative, negative,” he says. Fortunately for them and thousands like them, this is far from the reality.

Family RV travel in Mexico has been liberating for them, he says, adding that “we can let our kids run and play and be wild” far more than would be possible in the United States.

The quality of life is great as well, he feels. For example, he tells the story of their family and some friends — ten people in total — were able to eat a great meal together and leave a substantial tip for the grand total of…wait for it…25 US dollars.

Adoption, Residency and Running a Business from Mexico

Paul and Becky also just went through the procedures to have permanent residency in Mexico. One of the reasons it that they would like to adopt another child, and to do this, Mexican residency can make things much easier and cheaper.

We discuss education and free time as well, and how he is able to run a business from an RV with four — count them, FOUR — children in the vehicle with him.

All this and more in this episode of Epic Education Radio. Listen in! And please share!


  • 02:57 Intro
  • 04:53 Why running a business from Mexico?
  • 09:17 Falling in love with Mexico
  • 17:43 Work & money
  • 26:25 How they “fell into location independence”
  • 30:54 Education and the transition from homeschooling to unschooling
  • 43:02 Screentime
  • 48:54 Communications for life & running a business from Mexico
  • 55:53 Resources


  • Names: Paul & Becky Kortman and their kids Alia (9) Josiah (8), Mathias (5), and Zander (3)
  • Hold passports from: US, with Mexican residency
  • Type of travel: Slow travel & Family RV travel in Mexico
  • A few places they’ve been: Numerous locations in Southeast Asia, South Africa, and Mexico




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EER104 Family RV Travel & Running a Business from Mexico PIN

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