EER106: Living in Andalucia & Giving Birth in Spain

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Life in Spain. Giving birth in Spain. Just a few of the topics we cover in this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio.

EER106: Living in Andalucia & Giving Birth in Spain

Living in Andalucia, Spain with Three Kids

Meet Ryan and Emily Rauch. Once upon a time, they works 90-hour weeks in finance. Ryan was an alcoholic. They were both unhappy. They wanted a change, and travel became that change. After traveling for years, they finally settled into living in Andalucia, Spain’s southernmost province.

EER106: Living in Andalucia & Giving Birth in Spain PIN 1

Now a family of five, they live near Cadiz. Emily gave birth to their third child in a hospital not far away. They describe birth in Spain and living in Andalucia in this episode, including many of their costs and details about schools and more.

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Living and Giving Birth in Spain

One of the many ways that living in Andalucia has been good for the Rauch family is cost. For example, the birth of their daughter in the US went well over 25 thousand dollars. Birth in Spain? About three thousand.

They also describe school in the southern Spanish province and how much the kids enjoy it.

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  • 02:37 Intro and origins
  • 04:12 Moving to Spain and why they chose Cadiz
  • 07:29 The many different flavors of Spanish
  • 12:45 A day in the life in Andalucia and the quality of life in Spain
  • 19:36 How they got their residency visa
  • 27:08 Money
  • 33:05 Birth in Spain
  • 39:17 Siesta Culture and the late-night culture of Spain
  • 46:19 Recommended places to go in Spain for families


  • Names:Ryan and Emily Rauch and their 3 kids (9, 5 and 2 years old)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Overland travel, long-term travel transitioning into living in Spain
  • A few places they’ve been: Argentina, all over Europe Southeast Asia and now living in Spain


Their blog: Oliver the World

EER106: Living in Andalucia & Giving Birth in Spain PIN 2

EER106: Living in Andalucia & Giving Birth in Spain

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