EER107: World Travel with Babies and Toddlers

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World travel with babies and toddlers. That’s how Ricky Shetty and his wife are spending her maternity leave. Listen in as we talk travel gear, date nights, travel as people of color and the differences between world travel with babies and world travel with toddlers.

EER107: World Travel with Babies and Toddlers

World Travel with Babies and Toddlers

Meet Ricky Shetty. Since December of 2016, they’re been traveling the world with three kinds under five years old. In fact, the youngest is under one, and this is how they’re spending her maternity leave!

I caught up with Ricky while they were in South Africa. There were many aspects to our conversation, but the differences between travel with babies and travel with toddlers were one of the most interesting points.

Ricky and company have been on the road for about sic months now, and here he talks about the importance of date nights and mixing up their schedule. Listen in! And please share!

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  • 04:20 Intro & origins
  • 07:44 traveling with babies and toddlers
  • 10:54 habits routines
  • 14:41 education
  • 16:44 Ethnic identity and being a person of color traveler
  • 19:41 money
  • 26:24 education & resources
  • 28:07 Gear

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  • Names: Ricky Shetty, his wife, traveling with three kids under five years old
  • Hold passports from: Canada
  • Type of travel: World travel with babies and toddlers
  • A few places they’ve been: South Africa, South America and many, many more




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EER107: World Travel with Babies and Toddlers
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