EER110: An American Family, an English Village Life

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An English village life. Moving to the UK. Raising children abroad and traveling with four kids under seven years old. Just a few topics on this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio.

EER110: An American Family, an English Village Life

An American Family, an English Village Life

Meet Christina Davies. She and her husband Scott wanted to live an English village life, so they found their way to the UK and made it happen. Fast forward a decade or so and they’ve found their English village life, and grew their family to six kids, as well! All four kids were born in England, and the Davies family now have dual citizenship.

In this Epic Education Radio interview, I talk to Christina about English village life and how they achieved it. We discuss how they moved to England, where they live, education in their English village and Christina’s tips for travel with young children.

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  • 02:43 Intro and recent traveling experiences
  • 07:40 Why & how they arranged their English village life
  • 11:09 Her work: paramedic medical missions
  • 13:40 A day in English Village Life
  • 17:48 English Village Life: the village pub
  • 20:34 Challenges & adjustments to English Village Life
  • 24:57 Education and socialization
  • 29:30 Travel gear
  • 41:17 Travel tips
  • 47:12 Resources


  • Names: Christina Davies, her husband, Scott and their 4 kids (6, 4, 2, and 1 year old)
  • Hold passports from: USA (now also having UK citizenship)
  • Type of travel: Living abroad in the UK (over 10 years)
  • A few places they’ve been: Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and other European destinations



If you’d like to contact Christina, you can find her at:

Christina_athens [at] yahoo [dot] com

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