EER113: Morocco with Kids with Amanda Mouttaki (a.k.a. MarocMama)

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Morocco with kids. The markets of Fez. Wandering the streets of Marrakech and soaking in the small beach towns of southern Morocco. These are just a few topics from today’s episode of Epic Education Radio. All about visiting Morocco with kids!

EER113: Morocco with Kids with Amanda Mouttaki (a.k.a. MarocMama)

Morocco with Kids

Meet Amanda Mouttaki. She’s an American mom of two who has lived in Marrakech, Morocco with kids for over four years. You can hear more about her life and her family in our first interview (EER #43).

In today’s episode, we focus on the country she now calls home. There are some amazing things to do in Morocco with children, and Amanda gives us some of her favorites, along with travel tips and advice on train travel in Morocco, taking taxis in Marrakech, getting lost in the souks and more.

One of the most important pieces of advice she gives to family travelers in Morocco is simply to remember the size of the country. Many people visit Morocco with ambitious plans. They want to see wander the markets of Fez, explore the Atlas mountains, take pictures in the blue village of Chefchaouen and take a tour of the Sahara Desert — all in a week or two.

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Roughly the size of California, Morocco is a big place, and the distances aren’t covered as fast as they be in the United States or Europe. If you’re coming to Morocco with kids, be selective of what you want to see and spend less time in transit and more time taking in the sites themselves.

Listen in as we talk about Moroccan transportation, money & safety, accommodation options and many of the best Moroccan destinations to experience in Morocco with kids.

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  • 02:01 Intro / Origins
  • 04:41 Why Marrakech is a must for Morocco with kids
  • 09:25 Tips for Marrakech with kids
  • 25:12 Fez with kids
  • 26:45 Asilah (relaxed beach town with street art)
  • 28:22 Train travel in Morocco with kids
  • 36:43 More in Northern Morocco with kids, including Chefchaouen (the Blue City)
  • 39:24 Tangier with kids
  • 42:39 Essaouira with kids
  • 45:18 Road to Agadir & Taghazout
  • 46:46 More rustic places to visit in Morocco with kids
  • 48:07 Tips on Accommodation in Morocco with kids
  • 54:18 Money & safety tips for families in Morocco
  • 57:58 Taxis in Morocco
  • 1:00:14 SIM cards, Wi-Fi, & internet in Morocco


  • Names: Amanda Mouttaki, her husband, and their two sons
  • Hold passports from: USA & Morocco
  • Type of travel: Living abroad in Morocco and short-term travel from there
  • A few places they’ve been: Multiple destinations in Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, and Europe
  • Our first conversation is about her and her family


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