EER114: The Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce

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The Family Adventure Summit is a new conference for traveling families and those who want to travel or live abroad with kids. Today I talk with Brandon Pearce about the conference he helped create.

EER114: The Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce 1

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The Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce

Family travel. Location independent businesses. How to educate your kids abroad or on the road. These are just a few of the things I talk about today with my friend, Brandon Pearce.

You may already know about Brandon and his family. His blog, Pearce on Earth, has been one of my sources of inspiration for years. In addition, he and his wife, Jennifer, have been on this program before.

The Pearce family have been traveling together for over eight years. Brandon and Jennifer have established homes in both Mexico and Indonesia, and travel extensively with their three daughters. Brandon built a location independent business that finds their lifestyle completely. The result: a life of exploration, discovery and endless learning.

Today, however, Brandon and I talk mostly about the Family Adventure Summit, a conference he has organized to help other families find their own path to family travel. Here we talk about many of the details of the conference, who it’s for, and what’s in store for those who attend.

We also talk about a fascinating survey he just collected on family travelers. He asked loads of traveling families to provide details on their finances, family dynamics and more. We discuss a few details of the survey, but you can get your own copy (for free) at the Family Adventure Summit website.

This is going to be a very special event. If you want to hear more about Brandon or the Family Adventure Summit, or if you want to join around 50 other families at the event, tune in. And please share!

EER 114: Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce


  • 04:17 Intro
  • 05:55 Origins as a traveling family
  • 10:44  How he makes money online
  • 13:25 The Family Adventure Summit survey & free report
  • 25:14 The Family Adventure Summit explained
  • 30:25 Family Adventure Summit location & accommodation
  • 33:50 Education in Pearce family
  • 37:57 Education at the Family Adventure Summit


  • Names: Brandon Pearce, his wife, Jennifer, and their three daughters: Emily, Marie, and Ayesha
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Long-term travel & Living Abroad
  • A few places they’ve been: Lived in Costa Rica, Bali, & Mexico, traveled to 33 countries and counting
  • I talk to Brandon and his wife Jennifer in Episode #14
  • We mentioned our friends the Clark family


EER114: The Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce

EER114: The Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce
EER114: The Family Adventure Summit with Brandon Pearce 2
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