EER121: Homeschooling, Parenting and Backpacking with Toddlers

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Homeschooling, unschooling, parenting, and backpacking with toddlers. These are just a few things we discuss in this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio.

EER121 Homeschooling, Parenting and Backpacking with Toddlers 1

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Backpacking with Toddlers

Meet Jen Lumunlan. Like many of us, she was told that travel stopped once you have children. And like many of us, she didn’t believe it. At the time of writing, Jen and her daughter Carys have been hiking and backpacking in Colorado, the UK and several places in Europe.

Granted, Jen has been doing much of the actual hiking thus far, with Carys riding along on her back. For example, when they hiked the roughly 90 miles of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales, Jen explains that she hiked “approximately 89” of those miles. That’s what backpacking with a toddler is like, but the rewards far outweigh the steps taken.

EER121 Homeschooling, Parenting and Backpacking with Toddlers PIN 1

Jen notes the origin of her travel bug to be when she traveled through the United States by Greyhound Bus when she was 18. Fast forward to the present, and now she has begun backpacking with her daughter, hiking through some amazing territory.

After her daughter was born, Jen realized she knew nothing about being a parent so she returned to school for a Master’s in Psychology focused on Child Development.  Each episode of Jen’s podcast, Your Parenting Mojo, explores the scientific literature on a topic related to child development, and turns it into actionable information parents can start using immediately. Listen in for parenting conversations that cover everything from potty training to raising a bilingual child.

In addition to podcasting and backpacking with toddlers, Jen is a passionate advocate of child-led learning. We discuss homeschooling, unschooling and other forms of unconventional education. She also has a homeschooling course and offers a USD $20 discount to Epic Education Listeners. Simply use the discount code “EPIC” at checkout.


  • 02:03 Intro
  • 04:00 e-biking
  • 06:27 Origins
  • 09:35 Routines when backpacking with toddlers
  • 12:31 Travel gear
  • 18:07 Education
  • 27:55 Main questions about homeschooling
  • 47:27 The value of Youtube 
  • 45:07 Resources


  • Names: Jen Lumunlan and her daughter Carys
  • Hold passports from: USA / UK
  • Type of travel: Mostly backpacking so far
  • A few places they’ve been: Backpacking trips in Italy, France, Switzerland (via Tour du Mont Blanc), Ireland (via Dingle Way), Wales (via Pembrokeshire Coast Path), Colorado (Breckenridge to Aspen), and Italy (Cinque Terre)




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EER121 Homeschooling, Parenting and Backpacking with Toddlers PIN 2

oling, Parenting and Backpacking with Toddlers 2
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