EER127: Adding Cultural Experiences to Family Travel

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Cultural experiences make family travel richer. It could be taking a cooking class or celebrating a local holiday. Whatever it is, there’s something special about incorporating cultural experiences into family travel. Today I talk with Becky Morales from Kid World Citizen about cultural education and how to add cultural experiences to family travel.

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Adding Cultural Experiences to Family Travel

Becky’s exploration of other cultures started when she was a child. She has an adopted brother and sister from Peru, and she has visited the country many times since then. Visiting Peru and growing up with siblings from another place helped put her on a path of cultural experiences that continues to this day.

Today she has a family of seven. This includes two biological kids and three adoptions. Becky uses cultural experiences in travel to bring her family closer together and help everyone learn about where they all come from.

Originally from Chicago, Becky and her family moved from Houston, Texas to Merida, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Here the kids all go to a local, Spanish-speaking school, and they travel at most holidays.

Listen in as we discuss living in Mexico, trip planning, and adding cultural experiences to family travel.

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  • 02:43 Intro & Origins
  • 07:04 Planning & finding cultural experiences with
  • 15:07 Habits & routines
  • 18:18 education & putting kids in local schools
  • 26:45 Living in Merida, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula
  • 31:50 Mexico destinations & cultural tradition
  • 37:54 Time schedules in the Yucatan


  • Names: Becky Morales, her husband, and 5 kids (between 3 and 12 years old)
  • Hold passports from: USA & Mexico
  • Type of travel: Short-term travel, School Holiday Travel & Living Abroad in Mexico
  • A few places they’ve been: China, Peru, Several EU locations, all over Mexico and more



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EER127 Adding Cultural Experiences to Family Travel PIN

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