EER136: Family Friendly Slovenia —Things to Do in Slovenia with Kids

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If you’re considering family travel in Europe, then make sure to visit Slovenia with kids. There are lots of fun things to do in Slovenia with kids: from fairy-tale castles to white water rafting. Whether you’re traveling to Slovenia with toddlers or teens, you’ll find plenty of fun. Today we talk all about the best experiences in Slovenia for kids.

Lake Bled. EER136: Family Friendly Slovenia —Things to Do in Slovenia with Kids

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Family Friendly Slovenia

Meet Inga. She is a native Slovenian and has lots of great travel tips and advice on the best experiences in Slovenia for kids. At the time of writing, her own kids are eight and five. Inga and her kids have traveled to Japan, Canada, Singapore and many places in Europe. However, one of their favorite places to explore is Slovenia, where they find loads of fun and educational experiences. Here are her tips for family-friendly Slovenia.

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Timecodes: Things to Do in Slovenia with Kids

  • 02:41 Intro
  • 03:34 Slovenia info Location
  • 05:57 When to Visit Slovenia with Kids
  • 08:00 Getting Around Slovenia with Children
  • 10:18 7 days in Slovenia Travel Itinerary
  • 14:18 Ljubljana with Kids
  • 19:05 Slovenia’s Fairy Tale Aspect
  • 20:55 Bled with Kids
  • 23:48 Slovenia OUtdoor Activities
  • 27:31 Slovenian Food
  • 33:06 Internet in Slovenia
  • 36:46 Slovenia Travel Resources
  • 38:31 Travel Gear for Slovenia with Kids

Where is Slovenia? Why Slovenia with Kids?

Lake Bled. EER136: Family Friendly Slovenia —Things to Do in Slovenia with Kids Inga Batur and family

With Austria to the north and Croatia to the south, Slovenia sits next to Italy on the Adriatic sea. The Venice airport is less than three hours by car from Ljubljana the Slovenian capital. Only about the size of the US state of Rhode Island, Slovenia has both the beach and the mountains. Slovenian attractions include museums, castles, and festivals. In addition, you’ll find lots of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, rivers, and lakes.

Slovenia is also very safe for family travelers.

When to Visit Slovenia with Kids

Summers are the busiest season in Slovenia, but there are lots more activities and warmer weather as well. Winter in Slovenia is very cold and “white,” as Inga puts it, as fog often covers part of the capital.

Inga suggests spring and fall to visit Slovenia, as there are fewer tourists and great nature opportunities.

A 7-Day Slovenia Travel Itinerary: Things to Do in Slovenia with Kids

Inga suggests starting in the capital, Ljubljana. After a few days, head north to the city of Bled and then onto Slovenia’s smaller towns and the great outdoors.

Ljubljana with Kids

There are lots of things to do in Ljubljana with kids, says Inga. Ljubljana has great parks with playgrounds and a good zoo. There are also lots of museums and galleries, which she says are now quite family friendly (we like that).

One of her top suggestions is the Saturday Morning Market, as well as taking a riverboat ride. More details in the podcast.

Bled with Kids and Outdoor Activities in Slovenia

After leaving Ljubljana, Inga suggests heading north to Bled. It’s a beautiful town with a stunning lake and other opportunities to commune with nature.

Then she explains some of the great places to hike, camp and swim in Slovenia. Rafting and canyoning too (we love canyoning!).

Food in Slovenia for Kids

Inga details some of the delicious food in Slovenia but also emphasizes that Slovenian food varies by region. For example, the area close to the Austrian border east more food like their northern neighbor (ie. sausages, schnitzels, etc). In contrast, the area near the Italian border might eat more pasta.

That said, throughout Slovenia, you’ll find lots of dairy (yogurt, cheese, etc) and locally-made honey.

More detail about specific Slovenian foods and desserts in the podcast.

Have You Been to Slovenia with Kids?

I’d love to hear your tips and advice on activities in Slovenia for kids. Have you been to Slovenia with children? Where did you go? What did you do? Where did you stay? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Lake Bled EER136 Family Friendly Slovenia —Things to Do in Slovenia with Kids PIN 1
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  1. Dominik Opatrný says

    Thanks for interesting show which reminded me of my own visit to Slovenia. I have come across your podcast while listening to the Amateur traveller and look forward to listen to other episodes as well. Just a little correction: in the intro, you changed neighbouing Croatia for Czechoslovakia.

    • Thanks (and sorry!) Dominik. Dangit! I wrote Croatia in the post but for some reason, I said Czechoslovakia in the podcast intro. That’s embarrassing. Thanks for pointing it out my silly mistake and my sincere apologies.