The Epic Education Radio Interview — Everything You Need to Know

Epic Education Radio welcome Interview flow 2018 Family Portrait Puerto Escondido

We’re glad you’re here. I want your podcast episode to be GREAT, so please:

  1. Read this page before we record. 

  2. Please send me your skype name if you haven’t already
  3. Have headphones ready for the interview (to avoid feedback/echo)

  4. Find a quiet place away from noise: fans, air conditioners, electronics, people, etc (if possible)

  5. Life is crazy and preparation isn’t required, but encouraged  🙂

We’ll both sound better this way, I promise!

Here’s a quick flow of the interview:

#1) Intro — A little about you & your family

  • Who you are
  • Kid’s ages
  • Type of travel
  • Where you’ve been

#2) Our episode topic

You and I have already agreed upon our episode’s topic. We’ll dive in right after we make introductions.

If we’re talking about a specific destination, possible topics include:

  • Why this place? Why bring kids?
  • Arriving/Best Airports / Getting around
  • Best times to visit (weather, high/low seasons, specific events)
  • Food tips for families
  • health & Safety (if/where applicable)
  • Recommended itineraries

#3) Gear & Resources — Share a few things that make your family travel better. This could be:

  • Specific online/offline resources
    • Your favorite booking websites
    • Your fave educational resources
    • Cloud computing
    • Online banking resources
  • Specific Travel Gear — what’s in your bag?
    • Cameras, and audio/video equipment
    • Computing, devices & other electronics
    • Shoes, sandals, boots or other footwear
    • Luggage, packing and organizational items
    • Clothing and/or brands you trust
    • Anything else?

#4) Additional Tips & Tricks — Any additional advice for family travelers. This could be tips or advice regarding:

  • Saving/Planning family travel
  • Habits/Routines on the road
  • Teaching, Learning & Education on the road
  • Safety & Parenting

#5) Sign off & all your info

We’ll say our goodbyes and you’ll tell everyone where to find you on the web (website, FB page, Instagram account, etc)


• End of audio recording
• I’ll send you an email with a draft of the show notes, and then a second email on the day that your episode goes live.

If you have any questions, get in touch!
looking forward to it!