Family Travel is an Epic Education: The Blog Returns

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Family Travel Blog: Fallas 2016 fire

The Epic Education continues: Family Travel 2016

It’s 2am and we’re standing at a crowded intersection facing a massive sculpture nearly 10 meters high.

And it’s on fire.

Flames are roaring skyward, searing nearby tree branches as the engulfed figures begin to creak and groan under their own weight. Then suddenly one of the figures lurches forward and falls, crashing in a cloud of cinders as its foundation crumbles into an charred heap.

And the crowd cheers.

This is the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, where we presently call “home.” All over the city, enormous artworks are being consumed by fire as thousands of revelers watch. Most of these statues took teams of artists six months or longer to complete. Here’s what it looked like earlier that afternoon, before the flames:

But before the sun comes up the next day, all that will remain of this sculpture and hundreds of others will be a black spot on the ground.

This night has special significance for me. Exactly 12 months before, our family was saying farewell to Penang, Malaysia, and I was moving out of the East for the first time since 1997. The kids had never lived outside of the Asia. Now fast forward to this day, and both kids are speaking Spanish and have lots of local friends, and our family is finally adjusting to the pace of life near the Mediterranean coast.

From Malaysia to Valencia: A Truly Epic Year

This site has its name because I genuinely believe that family travel is an epic education in every sense of the word. When I say “epic,” I’m not just using the word’s 21st-century context. Family travel is cool. Family travel is awesome. But when I use the word “epic,” I also want to conjure up some of the original meaning. Family travel can also be long and arduous. It can also involve adventure and heroic deeds, and will undoubtedly become part of the stories that a family tells about itself.

Through these long and arduous adventures, we learn about each other. We learn about ourselves. That is what I mean by Epic Education, and our past 12 months certainly fit into this category. During that time we’ve:

  • communed with orangutans in the jungle (again)
  • clashed swords with samurai
  • paid tribute to Johnny Cash
  • nearly died in a flash flood (long story)
  • left homeschooling to join schools where we didn’t speak the language
  • and much more — many of which I’ll share on this site

We’ve traveled across three continents, taking planes, trains, buses, boats, bicycles, motorcycles, minivans and the metro. And after navigating through Asia and North America, we’ve now planted ourselves in Europe, which brings me back to where I was at the start of this post: watching something beautiful reduced to ash.

Sounds like a good place fore a fresh start, doesn’t it?

New Blog. New Content. Renewed Mission.

That’s right, the blog is back. After almost a year of Epic Education Radio episodes, I’m ready to re-launch the Epic Education blog again with lots of new and useful content. The podcast will continue unabated — new episodes every week — but now I’ll start adding more written content to further pursue my goal:

  • To show how family travel and living abroad is possible
  • To show how we and other families are doing it
  • To show that there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for family travel

There are hundreds of families out traveling and living abroad now — they are different ages and nationalities, and have come from many different beliefs, lifestyles and backgrounds. Want to join us?

Epic Education Goals & Objectives

This blog will deliver information and advice about specific destinations, gear and advice, while the podcast will continue to spotlight families that travel or move abroad together. We’ve been slow-traveling since 2013, and I’ll use both podcast and blog formats to share what I’ve learned through our experiences and through my interviews with other families. Here you’ll find:

And we want to hear from you!

  • If you have questions about family travel or moving abroad, send them in.
  • If you have your own stories to share, get in touch.
  • If you travel with your family and would like to share your experiences and advice, give me a holler.

Your input is valued, welcomed and appreciated. Contact us!

We still truly believe that traveling with kids is an epic education — for all of us. Hope you’ll join us along the way…

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