Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh City

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Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh CityHave you been to Ho Chi Minh City? If you have, you know how hot it can be. You must drink in Vietnam. I mean, not alcohol (well, that too…), but water or some kind of fluid to keep you hydrated. Before I write further about all the incredible food we’ve stuffed our faces with in Vietnam, let me tell you about the best juice in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s called Five Boys Number One.

Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh City

Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh CityIt’s the best juice stand on the planet, but to even call it a “stand” implies that there is a structure of some kind. No, the only walls here are of the dingy alleyway where they’re located.

The entirety of the establishment’s property seems to be a table with some fruit, a few ice chests, a blender and about two dozen plastic chairs. Keeping it simple I suppose, but man-o-man, the fruit shakes at this place were knee-buckling good.

The price might be high by some Vietnamese standards, but for us it’s a steal. Most flavors are 20,000 dong (approx. USD $1), with a few fruits (durian, mangosteen, kiwi) in the 30,000 VND to 40,000 VND range. That’s huge cup of fruit for cheap.

Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh City

Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh CityBest Juice Ever

Simply scribble down your fruit of choice, fork out some dong, and minutes later you are sipping on the most delicious thing you’ve ever placed to your lips. We went back at least six times over the course of two weeks, trying different fruit each time. We had mango, pineapple, grape, red dragon fruit, pomelo, guava, sapodilla, passionfruit… Pardon me while I wipe drool from the corners of my mouth.

No Water nor Sweeteners

The place prided itself on not adding any water or sweeteners but, you’ll forgive me if I consider condensed milk a sweetener. Still, even when I ordered straight-up juice it was spectacular. The dragon fruit shakes deserve a special shout-out. Fruit in Vietnam is exceptionally sweet and succulent, and the dragon fruit here is like none I’ve ever tasted. I remembered them being rather bland back in the US and Japan so I never bothered buying them.

Dragon Fruit

Both the red and white species in this part of the world, however, have a much sweeter, deeper flavor than I’d ever experienced before. So much so that we’ve been eating heaps of them since we returned to Penang, and were quite alarmed when our pee turned pink! A quick google search reassured us that this is both natural and harmless. The vivid red color of the dragon fruit just goes right through you. You can get the same affect from beets, apparently. Fun fact: did you know that dragon fruit comes from a cactus?

Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh City

Five Boys Number One

The place is open during the hottest hours of the day, the alley usually shaded from the sun. It’s really happening at night when they pull out a small broiler and grill up pork, octopus and chicken feet, as well. On the evenings we were there, most stools were occupied by locals. Couples on dates, giggling groups of students and a few businesswomen out for a bite. The environment was convivial and fun, and the bars on either side of the alley packed and bustling. Definitely worth a visit if you head to Vietnam with kids.

Have you been to Ho Chi Minh City? Did you have any fresh juice? Where is the best juice in Vietnam for you?

Drink in Vietnam: Best Juice in Ho Chi Minh City


  1. hey, we are a (full time) travelling family as well and we LOVE this juice stand! we come here every time we are in HCMC. thank you.

    • It’s great, isn’t it? We’re back in Southeast Asia after 2 years and one of the things we can’t get enough of is the fresh and plentiful fruit and juice everywhere