EER080: How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids

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Want to know how to do a home exchange with kids? If you’re looking to do a home swap to travel more, then you can certainly learn something from Daniel Prince.

EER080: How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids

How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids

Dan and his family of six have been traveling the world for years using home swaps to save thousands upon thousands of dollars. They’ve been all over the world, staying in private homes while letting other families stay in theirs. The Prince family homeschooled their four kids in the past, but now during their present home exchange in southern France, they’ve put their kids into local schools. The kids are loving it — making friends while becoming bilingual. I can relate to this, so we discuss this in the interview, as well.

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Dan is a huge advocate of the sharing economy, and you’ll find even more related tips in this interview, for both homes and for cars! Listen in if you’re interested in getting free stuff, being invited into airplane cockpits, and learning how to arrange a home exchange with kids.


  • 04:48 Intro
  • 05:41 Putting kids in local schools in France
  • 08:47 Arranging a home exchange with kids—Home swapping explained
  • 13:52 Love Home Swap’s points and credit system
  • 26:54 How to stop buying so many water bottles
  • 29:13 Using Twitter to meet people & get stuff
  • 33:22 How to get your kids into the cockpit of the plane
  • 37:05 Tips for driving & car rentals in Australia & New Zealand


  • Names: Daniel Prince, his wife, Clair and their children Kaitlyn, Sophia, Lauren & Samuel
  • Hold passports from: The UK
  • Type of travel: Long-term travel, slow travel, & home exchange with kids
  • A few places they’ve been: Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Dubai, and all over Europe



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EER080: How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids PIN
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