Who’s ready to travel in Indonesia with kids? If you are, then you’re in the right place. We’ve loved our time in Indonesia, and are looking forward to our next visit. Learn more about things to do in Bali, Sumatra, and Lombok below.

Fun Things to Do in Indonesia

You could spend a lifetime exploring Indonesia with kids. For example, the country contains over 18,000 islands, and less than half of them have permanent residents. In addition, each of Indonesia’s five main islands is culturally diverse and unique. In fact, they could be considered nations unto themselves — or possibly multiple nations — if you consider the number of distinct languages and indigenous tribes found across the archipelago.

There is no shortage of fun, relaxation, learning, and adventure when you visit Indonesia with children. I feel that we’ve only scratched the surface, and can’t wait to go back again. We’ve spent most of our Indonesian travel in Bali and northern Sumatra, and that is where our recommendations will focus on.

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Considering travel in Indonesia with kids? What are you looking for? If you want art, culture, amazing food, and perhaps a bit of luxury, then we would suggest travel in Bali. You have the amazing Waterbom water park, the lazy beach town of Sanur, the luxury resorts of Kuta and the cultural hub of Ubud — all worth weeks of exploration on their own. These are just a few of the places we’ve enjoyed during our time in Bali, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

If your family is looking for something more adventurous, with opportunities to see unique wildlife, then we suggest traveling in Sumatra. This unique island is Indonesia’s largest landmass, with wildlife and volcanic activity like nowhere else on Earth. A trip to Sumatra with kids would likely involve jungle treks, river swims and interaction with indigenous tribes.

Indonesia With Kids: Sumatra, Bali & Lombok

We’ve only just begun to explore Indonesia with kids, and have more adventures planned in the future. So far, our experiences in Indonesia with kids are limited to the islands of Bali and Sumatra.

Sumatra with Kids

Sumatra with Kids: Bukit Lawang and Berastagi

Bali with Kids

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Lombok & the Gili Islands with Kids

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Have you Been to Indonesia with Kids?

Where dod you go? What did you do? Where did you stay? We’d love to hear about your experience traveling in Indonesia with kids. Tell us in the comments, or contact me directly!

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