Museums in Asturias – Indoor Activities with Kids in Northern Spain

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I’ll be honest with you: we didn’t go to northern Spain specifically to visit museums in Asturias. On the contrary, we came to Galicia and the Asturias region to be outside: hiking, swimming, canyoning (!), and strolling down one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Museums in Asturias Mining and Industry MUMI

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This area of Spain is much cooler than southern Spain, with much more rain than Valencia, where we live now. That said, we enjoyed the museums we went to a lot. Surprisingly so, actually.

With the area’s usual rainfall under consideration, I decided to put together a post of some of the best indoor places to play in Asturias with kids. I didn’t even think, however, to go to museums in Asturias with kids. The museums of Asturias actually offer quite a lot, and not just for children.


Little did we know how many indoor activities would pop up on our radar once we arrived. If you’re in the Asturias region of Spain with kids, then here are a few recommendations for you. When you are ready for a break from wild swimming or walking around the lake, here are a few museums in Asturias that are worth your consideration.

The Jurassic Museum of the Asturias

Anyone into dinosaurs should put the Museo del Jurásico de Asturias at the top of their list. This region of Spanish coastline is where many important discoveries were made: dinosaur bones, preserved footprints, and more. This was my kids’ favorite of the museums in Asturias we saw, and I think most families could easily spend at least an hour or two here here. Read our full post on the Jurassic Museum of the Asturias.

Archaeological Museum of the Asturias

Museums in Asturias with kids Asturias archaeological museum

Don’t want to go all the way back to the Mesozoic era? If you prefer the history of humankind, then the Museo Arqueologico de Asturias can fill you in on the region’s history: from Paleolithic to Medieval times. The Asturias region was part of the Roman Empire (Augustus Caesar built the roads and mined for gold here), so history buffs will find themselves sated.

The Cider Museum of the Asturias

Museums in Asturias with kids Cider museum

If it hasn’t become clear, I’m a fan of the local cider, pouring/spilling it in my glass at Tierra Astur Parrilla in Oviedo, El Meson de Pescadre in Llastres, Casa Generosa in Pedroveya and many other places. It’s quite refreshing.

The Museo de la Sidra is a small museum that offers guided tours to explain the history of hard cider in the region. They have a 200-year-old apple press and a guide to help you learn how to pour cider the local way: with the bottle high overhead.

Museum of Mining and Industry (MUMI)

Museums in Asturias with kids Asturias MUMI

This place was the biggest surprise for us. I thought this place might be a nice 30-minute diversion, but we ended up spending almost two hours here. Mining has been an integral part of Asturian culture since before the Romans arrived. It just got bigger once Augustus Caesar realized there was gold in the hills.

Museums in Asturias with kids Asturias Mining Museum MUMI

The museum is full of cogs, gears and big machinery. The exhibits also covers the role of explosives in mining, as well. The pictures you see above were just from the main hall above ground, but over half of our time here was on an hour-long tour underground in a network of mine shafts recreated to look like different eras of the industry.

This was really interesting, but keep in mind that it’s dark down there. It creeped out my 10-year-old daughter for the first five minutes. You really feel like you are deep beneath the Earth’s crust, but in reality, these mine shafts are like an interactive exhibit and you’re basically in the basement. That said, you’re under there for about an hour with a guide, so claustrophobics, take heed.

Other Museums in Asturias

When we were in Gijon, we were also interested in checking out the Railway Museum, and I was kind of interested in the International Bagpipe Museum (not kidding — we saw some in Santiago de Compostela, too). Alas, time was too short.

What museums would you suggest? If you went to the Asturias, what museums would you want to see?

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