This Just In: We are alive and will resume blogging shortly

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Oh dear…has it really been nearly FOUR MONTHS since my last post? That seems like decades ago at the pace we’ve been living. Well I can assure you that we have not gone missing, and no, we weren’t on that plane everyone is talking about.

Our journey continues. After my last posting (I’m all healed up and walking/sitting normally, by the way), my family — the entire Jenkins clan — arrived in Penang for the holidays. The day after they left, we flew to Thailand, where we spent two very intense months in Chiang Mai.

I use the word “intense” in multiple ways, but I guess I’m trying to diplomatically say it was one of the most stressful times of my life. Not because of Chiang Mai, per se. More because I hit a deluge of work — usually 9am to 11pm, six or seven days a week, for the entire month of January. All while trying to homeschool, secure an apartment (early January) and locate activities for the kiddos, who were not very pleased with me or the predicament I’d gotten us into.


I never want to think about that month again. February wasn’t much better, but I spent what blogging hours I had making up for lost time with the kids: fishing, ziplining, fruit carving, etc. More on all of this later.

We are presently back in Japan for a visit. My mother-in-law turned seventy at the beginning of March, so we showed up just beforehand, unannounced, to surprise her. Soon after, I sped off to Tokyo to meet with my company and renegotiate my contract: I never want another January like that.

And now? Back to Malaysia! The kids really thrived there, so we plan to use Penang as a base for six months to a year. The apartment hunting begins anew in a matter of days. Once we settle, I have so, so much to share. Stick around, and stay in touch! For the many of you who have contacted me to no reply, I truly, truly apologize. Hope to speak with you again, soon.

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