Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur with Kids

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Jamie the marksman — Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic Education

Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur with Kids

Ready. Aim. BULLSEYE. If you’re in Kuala Lumpur with kids and looking for things to do, you’ll find that the city offers a number of indoor and outdoor options. As for indoor fun, Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur located in Berjaya Square Mall is easily one of our favorites.

Stars Archery entrance: Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic EducationKuala Lumpur (a.k.a. KL) is a city of malls, and for better or worse (often both), the malls are often where the action is. You’ll find impressive aquariums, amusement parks, museums and even indoor roller coasters like the one below in some malls.

Indoor roller coaster — Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic EducationA lack of time and budget prevented us from riding this enticing (but overpriced) beauty. This was, however, only one of many examples of KL’s interesting use of shopping space. There are many, many other activities you’ll want to try if you’re traveling to Kuala Lumpur with kids. That is even if you’re not a fan of malls.

Bro and sis getting competitive: Kuala Lumpur with kids — An Epic EducationStars Archery Experience

I’m certainly not a mall lover — not a hater, either, but far from an advocate of such walled-in consumerist complexes. Be that as it may, KL has found ways to make even me want to spend a day or two in them — Stars Archery is one of those ways.

Stars Archery front desk: Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic EducationThe range had the look and feel of a bowling alley: florescent lighting and brightly painted walls with images of happy archers posing with bows.

Stars Archery Rules: Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic EducationClean and Spacious: Stars Archery in KL

Not the most romantic of settings perhaps, but clean, spacious and inviting. In the corner stands a small shop for archery accessories and equipment — not too dissimilar than what you’d find for people looking for a bowling glove, a pool cue or a new set of darts. On a wall nearby are the archery rules for everyone to see.

Archery LessonsAfter paying for the bows and quivers, a staff member took our kids through the steps of loading, aiming and firing. Then he hung around for a few shots to make sure they had the hang of it.

The shafts were lightweight plastic with small metal tips. The bows weren’t as sturdy as those compound bows you see made out of metal and carbon fiber. They were, however, plenty for our kids who could have stayed there all afternoon if we’d let them.

UPDATE: apparently, compound bows are also now available — no word on their sturdiness.

Felicia taking aim — Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic EducationBring Your Jacket for Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur

You could spend an hour here or half the day, depending on how much you and the kiddos get into it. However, if you’re in Kuala Lumpur with kids and heading into these malls, then I’d consider carrying a light jacket and a pair of socks with you. Like most public buildings in Malaysia, the air conditioning is cranked to near-polar lows.

We’re frequently been shivering when we go into the mall, and Stars Archery located in Berjaya Square Mall, one of the largest mall in Kuala Lumpur, was no different.

Stars Archery price list: Kuala Lumpur with Kids — An Epic EducationPackage at Stars Archery in Kuala Lumpur

Prices are listed as above: from 15 arrows for 15 MYR ringgit (approx. USD $4) up to 150 arrows for 101 MYR (approx. USD $29 at time of writing). Don’t get 15 arrows — that’s silly. You’d be finished in minutes. Do yourself a favor and get as many as your budget will allow, because it’s really fun, and you do actually improve the longer you shoot.

Heading to Kuala Lumpur with kids? Aim for at least an hour here.