Lanzarote Boat Trip with Chill Out Cruise: Our Day Out with BBQ

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If you’re looking for a Canary Islands boat trip, consider the Chill Out Cruise in Lanzarote. The entire island of Lanzarote offers plenty of kid-friendly fun — from caves and volcanoes to surfing and pirates. However, if you want a break from the action or just want to relax, this Lanzarote boat trip is just the thing.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote boat

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote fishing from top deck

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote boat interior captain's wheel

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote kids at back of the boat

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BBQ on a boat with Chill Out Cruise

Arriving in Lanzarote late at night, we wanted to take it easy on our first day on the island. A Canary Islands boat trip seemed like just the thing.

Docked in Playa Blanca in the southern part of the island, the Chill Out Cruise offers a number of excursion options, including sunset cruises and chartered courses. We chose the four-hour cruise, which comes with a BBQ lunch on the boat. We boarded at 11:30 am and were greeting by Nathan, the captain. He told us to make ourselves comfortable as he and his first mate prepped the food. Afterward, they cut bait for anyone who wanted to go fishing once we hit the open seas.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote back of boat view

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote ocean boat Nathan the captain

A Kid-friendly Canary Islands Boat Trip

As our kids explored every corner of the boat, other customers boarded: a British family of four, two middle-aged German women and a young couple from the States. Soon we were off. After pushing past the waves near the shore, we cruised along the coast until we saw Papagayo Beach in the distance. Here, Nathan dropped the anchor and poured up generous cups of sangria, with sodas or water for the kids.

The point of the Chill Out Cruise is, well, to chill out. That’s exactly what about half the people onboard did: napping or generally laying about watching parasailers in the distance. However, kids don’t often  “chill” the same way as most adults do, so the four youngsters on this boat quickly took to the activities offered. Our two asked for fishing rods, while the two British boys went snorkeling with their father.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote front of boat naptime

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote swim in the Atlantic

Chill Out Cruise Lanzarote: Boat Trip Activities

Our kids were obsessed with fishing (although their expectations were probably too high). Keiko was lounging up front, so while everyone was occupied, I decided to go for a dip. Remember this was January, and while the water was clear, I’d be lying if I said it was warm. In a few months, the water temperature will change dramatically (we’re on a similar latitude to Cairo, Orlando, and Taipei, after all.) However, this part of the Atlantic is bracing for wimps like me in the winter, but the British family aboard jumped in like it was nothing.

Below the surface, hundreds of fish darted by me, some of them pausing to see if my feet may have food attached. They swam away disappointed. Speaking of food, the cold plunge awakened my appetite. Once I got out and dried off, I knocked back a glass of sangria and prepared to sit down for lunch.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote BBQ grill prep

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote grill snorkeling

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote BBQ ribs, chorizo and the ocean swimming

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote BBQ lunch table

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote BBQ lunch plate

BBQ on the Boat

And what a lunch it was! Nathan doled out chorizo sausage, expertly cooked ribs, and tender slices or sirloin while we loaded up our plates with salad, crusty bread, and potatoes.

The Canarian potatoes, it should be noted, were an added treat. Boiled in salt water, they are notably small, eaten skin-and-all, and dabbed (if you dare) into mojo sauce, the local chile pepper condiment. It’s quite flavorful, but I didn’t consider it overly spicy. Then again, I love the hot stuff, and my daughter does not (we’re always looking for non-spicy food for her). She abstained.

Not a meat eater? The Chill Out Cruise offers a vegetarian option, as well.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote swim in the Atlantic

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote swim in the Atlantic

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote swim in the Atlantic

Watersports and Daring Jumps

After lunch, it was time to jump back in the water again. I know, I know: they say to wait 30 minutes until you’ve digested and all that. We waited for about five, but c’mon, there was too much to do, and who believes that junk science anymore, anyway?

While most of the adults returned to the front of the boat and their naps, the boys and I took advantage of a platform on the top deck to jump into the water — about a 4-meter drop. Our girl decided to keep fishing — she’s been kayaking & snorkeling in chilly water before, and was determined to catch a fish, which proved successful!

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote fishing baiting the hook

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote fishing caught a fish

After a couple jumps, our boy wanted to have a go at standup paddleboarding, so he went to ask the captain…who told him no. The wind was still strong, he said, and so he wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. I respected that, but when I told the captain that our boy had already tried SUP in San Sebastian, he happily prepared the gear. Just being cautious, he said, and wanted my consent beforehand. That’s A-OK with me.

The winds had actually been freakishly strong the day we arrived in Lanzarote. Locals and other travelers told us that this had been going on for over three weeks. This was inconsequential on land but could be dangerous on the sea. In fact, our first Chill Out Cruise was canceled and we had to re-schedule the following day.

Between the fishing, the eating, the swimming, and a few jumps off the second deck, our four-hour cruise flew by.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote kids on top deck

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote after-lunch swim

Tips for a Canary Island Boat trip

So you’re ready for some fun in the sun, eh? There are plenty of fun things to do in Lanzarote with kids, but if you take a Lanzarote boat trip, be prepared. Here are a few tips we think are important.

Bring motion sickness medicine

You may not need this. I don’t and neither does my son. However, my daughter gets motion sickness, so she took some meds an hour before we launched and had no problems. Keiko, however, didn’t think she needed it. That was a mistake. She spent a part of the trip nauseous. So nauseous that she didn’t get to enjoy lunch. Had she taken motion sickness medicine at the same time as our girl, everything would have been easy-peasy.

Bring sunscreen

The sun is strong in the Canary Islands. Even in winter, and even when it’s overcast. If you or your brood are pale-skinned like mine, make sure you bring adequate protection.

Book ahead

The Chill Out Cruise only takes 12 customers at a time. You can book directly from the port at Playa Blanca, but it’s best to call or write ahead to see when they have availability. Bruno, the guy we corresponded with, is very cooperative and responsive.

Be flexible

The weather in the Canary Islands is great year-round, but the ocean is unpredictable. Like I mentioned above, strong winds and waves on one day meant that we had to reschedule. The weather was extremely odd, apparently, and we heard other people talking about it here and there.

If you’re planning a Canary Islands boat trip or any ocean-based activities such as sailing, surfing and SCUBA diving, set your expectations accordingly.

740 Chillout Cruise Lanzarote kids at back of the boat

Our Verdict

What a great Lanzarote boat trip! We really enjoyed the Chill Out Cruise. I believe that most of their customers are probably couples looking for a way to disconnect for an afternoon (at least with their sunset cruise). That said, I consider this Canary Islands boat trip to be very kid-friendly and open to traveling families like ours.

We felt very safe in their hands, and never felt like the kids were in the way or ruining the vibe for our childless boat mates. The staff was helpful and friendly without being cloying or performative. They did their job and tended to our needs quickly, all while fixing an amazing meal. We would definitely go back.

Have You Taken a Canary Islands Boat Trip?

Where did you go? Who did you go with? What did you think? Tell us in the comments, or contact me directly.

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Disclosure: The Chill Out Cruise offered this trip to us, but my opinions are my own and I only recommend places/services that I believe will genuinely help your travel.