Motegi Twin Ring: A Kids Park for Fans of F1 & Moto GP in Japan

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Motegi Twin Ring is a great place for Formula One (F1) and Moto GP racing fans in Japan. But if you have kids, it’s a great place to visit year-round. In my Japan Times column this week, I talk about some of the best things to do at Motegi Twin Ring, and all the family fun to be had there. 

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Motegi Twin Ring: For Fans of Racing in Japan

Racing fans know the Motegi Circuit in Motegi Japan, but for those of us not following Formula One, Moto GP and other International racing competitions, it is less well-known. That doesn’t mean it’s no fun for the rest of us, however. This week I write in the Japan Times about the great amusement park built into the Motegi Twin Ring racetrack.

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Excerpt From My Motegi Japan Piece in the Japan Times

Racecars, zip lines and the great outdoors — head to Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture and you can get all three. Twin Ring Motegi is best-known for its racing. It is, after all, where you go to see world-class competitions such as MotoGP. But when the track is empty, there is just as much for kids to do.

Motegi Japan: Mobi Park & Motegi Twin Ring 

Surrounded by forest, Twin Ring Motegi uses the great outdoors as a unifying concept for family-friendly fun. Take, for example, the two multistory Dokidoki and Itadaki outdoor attractions, which can be found in its Mobi Park. Itadaki is a wooden labyrinth course and stamp rally where families learn about the region’s ecosystem. Kids collect 14 stamps featuring bees, bats, snakes and other animals along the course, which takes around 30 minutes to complete, but of course, it varies by child. You’re welcome to join the kids, too. Just keep in mind that there are some low entrances where you’ll need to duck or possibly crawl to keep up.

Dokidoki: Motegi Circuit for Kids 

The newer Dokidoki obstacle course incorporates ropes, swinging bridges and rock-climbing walls. There are a total of 39 obstacles and two fitness levels. If it gets too exhausting, there are escape exits with stairs to the entrance. Both Dokidoki and Itadaki require proper footwear: no sandals or flip flops. Itadaki stays open when it rains, but Dokidoki closes during wet weather.

Tips for Motegi Japan & Riding Motegi Track

I recommend doing the labyrinth and obstacle course first, as these require the most energy. Once accomplished, it’s time to take to the kid-sized raceways in the park. Here there are motorsport-themed rides for every age. The smallest kids can ride with an adult on the Acro-X obstacle course and learn about traffic safety on the Forest Driving School course. For children 8 and older, the Moto Racer course puts kids on small electric bikes where they learn to ride on a mini track. Don’t worry: helmets and padding for knees and elbows are provided. The real thrills start for kids 135 centimeters and taller. For them, the Drift S and Dream Kart track allows for more speed without the need for helmets and other safety gear.

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