EER055: Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids

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Moving to Mexico. Living in Panama. A few years ago, these were just ideas for Dan Sherman and his family. Then in 2014, they left the United States to begin a life of living and traveling in Latin America.

EER053: Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids EER055 Dan Sherman Cancun Mexico

The plan was to live in Panama for two years and then return to the United States, but it didn’t take the Sherman family long to realize that they liked living abroad and wanted more of it. No, they’re not retiring in Mexico, but rather they’re part of a large and growing group of Americans in Mexico that have chosen to live there.

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Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids #EER055: Interview with Dan Sherman

Moving to Mexico & Living in Panama with Kids

Listen in as Dan talked about their neighborhood, their experiences with local schools and their relationship with the Spanish language…and each other. Dan has lots of great advice on managing money from abroad, and some very important tips about setting up your financing before moving to Mexico, moving to Panama or moving anywhere outside your home country.


  • 05:00 Beginnings in Panama
  • 06:47  Putting the kids in local schools in Panama
  • 11:07 The way they do things in Panama
  • 13:29 Moving to  Cancun and the “Gated Community”
  • 16:59 Learning the language, or not
  • 19:31  Worldschooling, homeschooling and local schools
  • 23:43 An example of their “Q x D” (Question’s by Dad) projects
  • 29:01 Funding a nomadic life
  • 32:50 Advice for before you leave home
  • 33:51 The importance of a physical home address (not a PO box)
  • 40:43 The role of their house as a nomadic family


  • Names: Dan and Alison Sherman and their daughters Zoe and Hailey (10 & 14 years old)
  • Hold passports from: USA
  • Type of travel: Living abroad in Cancun, Mexico
  • A few places they’ve been: Lived in Panama and Mexico


  • Kindle readers (one for each member of the family)
  • iPads
  • Saxon Math Textbooks
  • Maps!
  • Wireless Router (“We never have to change our username and passwords in all our devices because they are always set up to our own router.”)
  • FireTV
  • IPTV Box



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EER055: Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids EER055 Dan Sherman in Cancun PIN

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  1. Sarah James says

    I love this post! We are coming to SMA, but I think we may have waited too long. Our youngest daughter (8) would gladly head off on a permanent adventure, and our son (10) could be swayed, but our oldest daughter (13) has her heart set on going to high school in our hometown. We’re planning for a year in SMA, but who knows?