Nayaka Surf School Review – Surfing in Lombok with Kids

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Looking for surfing lessons in Lombok? Check out Nayaka Surf School near Senggigi Beach.

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids learn to surf Fi on surfboard riding waved

Lombok Surfing: Nayaka Surf School Review

Located in Senggigi in western Lombok, Nayaka Surf School is a locally-run outfitter for surfing, snorkeling, tubing and more. We chose Nayaka Surf School because of their experience with kids. In our research, we repeatedly heard and read about how good they were with children. Many have praised their personable instructors, and we knew that they brought along additional staff when young ones were in the waves.

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In fact, staff outnumbered students by nearly 2-1. Then there were the additional workers on the beach and in the waves filming students when they eventually could hang ten. I felt that my kids were safe and in good hands.

Of course, surfing has its hazards. For example, when the kids took surfing lessons in Santander, Spain, out boy inexplicably tore his toenail.

At Nayaka Surf School, however, our girl came out unscathed, while our boy came back with a 2 x 2 (inch) bandage on the lower back after the second lesson. Our teen — probably embarrassed — wouldn’t tell us what happened, but the Nayaka Surf School took care of it before we arrived.

And fortunately for me, their team helped me film the kids’ lessons from the water. Digital images and video are provided for a small additional charge. This was a real bonus for me since I don’t have a zoom lens right now.

Our kids loved their lessons at Nayaka Surf School and showed visible improvement by the end. More importantly, they felt a sense of accomplishment in meeting a challenge.

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Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids jamie & fi surf shore

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids van to Senggigi beach jamie filmed with gopro surfing

Surfing in Lombok with Kids

Our kids took the 3-day beginner surf school. They’ve had surfing lessons before. They’ve been surfing in Santander, Spain and took a few more surfing lessons in the Canary Islands, but the lessons they took then were just the beginning.

At Nayaka Surf School, they reviewed what they had learned. Then they built on their skills. After three days, they both left as better surfers than when they started.

This goes double for our girl. The boy has shown talent on the board from the first time he tried it in Oaxaca, Mexico five years ago. But his little sister — now 11 — spent most of her previous lessons face-planting in the waves.

By day three, she was standing for much longer, and even occasionally riding a wave all the way to the shore.

How Nayaka Surf School Lessons Work

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids van to Senggigi beach

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids van to Senggigi beach Jamie surf 1 Jamie holding board

There were five students on day one: our two kids, plus a trio of 20-somethings from Ipoh, Malaysia (plenty of fun things to do in Ipoh, if you’re interested).

Each student gets a rash guard, a board, and booties to protect their feet. Why booties? Because the area where they surf has some coral that could cut your feet. Small chance, but worth wearing. An added bonus for my kids was additional sun protection: no one wants sunburned feet, do they?

After suiting up meeting their instructor, everyone piled into a van and headed for the beach. There are a number of locations Nayaka Surf School uses for lessons — where they go each day depends on weather and wave sizes. As a beginner class, their small, manageable waves are what they’re looking for.

On day one, they drove about 15 minutes north of the Senggigi strip, and I followed behind them on a scooter.

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids fi practice

Some surfing lessons start with about 45 minutes on the sand teaching/reviewing the basic techniques. Then practicing the moves to stand up on the board. At Nayaka? This lesson lasted about 15 minutes. They ran through the basic techniques, and then after a few stretching exercises, everyone hit the water.

Here is where surfing class really began. Our kids more or less had an instructor to themselves for three hours. These guys set up the board for you and then give you a push at the right moment. Eventually, you’re doing it on your own more and more.

Be Prepared for Surfing

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids van to Senggigi beach Jamie surf 1

Did our kids wipe out? Absolutely. Over and over. But eventually, they stood on the board for a second and fell off. Then they stood for a few seconds. Then a few more. By day three they were on the board more than off.

There were breaks for rest and shade, and plenty of water and snacks — all provided. If your kids get sunburned easily, make sure they re-apply sunscreen during the breaks. My kids didn’t and their legs looked pretty bad by day three. Now, they (finally) apply sunscreen without being pushed by us.

If my son had any complaint it was that he wanted to ride bigger waves. Thankfully, the instructors made him build basic skills first before dropping him into something he wasn’t ready for. On day three, they replaced his longboard with a shorter, faster model. He was thrilled.

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids van to Senggigi beach Nayaka shop front

Instructors at Nayaka Surf School

According to our kids, the instructors were kind, funny, and most importantly patient. I was happy that someone who deals with beginners every day can still be kind and patient with the next set of newbies.

I was also impressed at how well the instructors treated the kids out of the waves. For example, they mispronounded our girl’s name at first (think “Anna” instead of Hanna, or “Bob” instead of Rob). She had no problem with it, but when her instructor realized he had it wrong the next day, he apologized and never got it wrong again.

Nearly two weeks after their classes ended, we were walking down a road near Nayaka’s office. From a cafe, we hear the kids’ names. It was the instructors and their friends, and they came out to chat for a minute. This doubly impressed me. They still remembered our kids’ names and greeted them warmly even though we weren’t clients anymore. No wonder our kids liked them!

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids Wayan's boy

Our kids really enjoyed their time with the Nayaka team and were talking about their instructors and how much fun they had with them days after their last surfing lesson. In fact, Keiko took them to a local surf competition to cheer on their instructors just before we left the island.

An additional bonus for our kids was having the owner Wayang’s son along for the trip. Each day Wayan would come to pick up the kids at our guesthouse (pickup is included within a certain distance). In the front seat was Wayan’s 3-year-old boy, who played on the beach with his mom while everyone had their lessons.

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids van to Senggigi beach Jamie and Jaka 2

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids Jamie & Jakka2

What We Liked

  • Personal attention
  • Friendly, laid-back staff

What We Loved

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio: usually twice as many staff in the water during kids’ lessons
  • Safety-first attitude

Other Things Worth Mentioning

  • Use strong sunscreen and/or cover your arms and legs. The sun is merciless here. Despite multiple sunscreen applications, both kids burned the backs of their legs significantly
  • Nayaka provides shirts, but they don’t have full-body wetsuits
  • Wear the booties they provide and check to see if they’re in good condition: sometimes there are bits of sharp coral on the ocean floor and they can cut.

Final Thoughts on Nayaka Surf School

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids j & F sitting on shore

Our experience at Nayaka Surf School was excellent. The instructors are great and the kids felt comfortable with them and with their boards quickly and effortlessly.

Have You Taken Surfing Lessons in Lombok?

Where did you learn? How were your surfing lessons? Where would you suggest learning to surf in Indonesia?

Nayaka Surf School Review - Surfing in Lombok with Kids PIN 2

Disclosure: Nayaka Surf School gave us a media discount for our surf lessons but we chose to go with Nayaka after hours of research. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow Jason that torn toenail sounds rough! Glad to see that the only mishaps this time were tumbles. Seems like a great place for kids or any new surfers to learn their craft with light wave action and helpful, caring teachers.

  2. You just sold me on a refresher course.. these waves look super fun and the school sounds great. Thanks for the tips!

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