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EER099: World Travel Family talks about Self-led Learning & Romania with Kids

Self-led learning. Family travel blogging. Exploring Romania with kids. These are just a few topics from my second conversation with Alyson Long from the World Travel Family blog. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) Meet the World Travel Family It’s been four years since Alyson and family bought one-way tickets top Malaysia. Since then, […]

EER092: Moving to Australia & Driving Across South America with Kids

Moving to the UK. Moving to Australia. Driving across South America with kids. For most parents, adventures like these might seem impossible…or at least daunting. Cath and Gaetan Dalle, however, aren’t most parents. Moving to Australia The Dalle family had led an extraordinary life. Before children, Cath and Gaetan left their native France to live in […]

Posts, Podcasts & Resources for Family Travelers—An Epic Education: Start Here

Hey family travelers. We’re glad you’re here. Looking for something in particular? This is a good place to start. Posts, Podcasts & Resources for Family Travelers If you have any questions about family travel or other family travelers, you can contact me anytime. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to help when […]

EER083: Active Holiday Family Travel with a Drone

Holiday family travel with a drone? Intense, perhaps, but rewarding. That’s one of the ways the Wagar family gets the most out of their journeys. Here Kevin Wagar shares his experience. Holiday Family Travel with a Drone & More Many Epic Education Radio guests travel for extended periods of time. Some are gap year travelers, slow […]

EER077: International Travel with a Baby—Where’s Sharon

Nervous about international travel with a baby? Don’t be. In today’s podcast, veteran family travel blogger Sharon Gourlay is here to tell you that it’s possible. In addition, she says that international travel with a baby not as hard as you think, and it’s totally worth the effort. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL WITH A BABY This is not […]

EER076: Family Travel with Allergies & Working in Vanuatu with Kids

Few people have visited Vanuatu with kids. Fewer still perhaps have experienced working in Vanuatu with kids. Today’s guest, Anne-Cerise Luzy, has now spent over a year living on the South Pacific island nation, writing and homeschooling her three children while her husband works at a local French school. WORKING IN VANUATU WITH KIDS Listen in as Anne-Cerise […]

How Our Kids Enjoyed Schools in Spain: Our Story

Our kids spent the past year at local schools in Spain, and I’m thrilled to report just how well it went. If last week’s post sounded overly negative (I didn’t mean it that way), then this post about schools in Spain will tell a different side of the story. In this small series posts, I’ve […]


About An Epic Education Whether you’re crossing the globe or visiting a nearby town, we believe that learning and traveling go hand-in-hand. The rewards of family travel are too many to mention here, but we want you to experience it for yourself.  An Epic Education is a resource for travelers — a place where our family […]

Family Travel Blog: An Epic Education

Family Travel & Living Abroad with Kids We’ve been traveling as a family since 2013. On our site, you’ll find tips, stories and advice on gear, accommodation, destinations, and more. I’ve also interviewed over 100 traveling families for the  podcast. Family travel is the most epic form of education. Join us!

EER035: Family Travel Tips from Our Past 13 Guests

Greetings from Spain! Always enjoy learning family travel tips (or is that just me?) aren’t you? In this episode, I’ve pulled one or two useful family travel tips from our past 13 podcasts to share with you here. Listen in! Each family I interview is very unique, and I learn from each guest I talk […]