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EER111: From Three Years in Peru with Kids to One Year of Family Travel

From three years in Peru with kids to one year of family travel around the world. We’re talking to the Cannon family today from Myanmar. We talk travel gear, education on the road and much more. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) From Three Years in Peru with Kids to One Year […]

Family Travel Safety Tips: How to Handle Child Safety While Traveling

Looking for family travel safety tips? Before any big trip with kids, it’s important to prepare everyone for potential hazards. Here are a few things we’ve learned about child safety while traveling. Our Top Family Travel Safety Tips We love adventure, and many of our favorite places and activities involve some level of risk. That’s why child safety is […]

Living in Spain: 11 Things We’ll Miss About Valencia Life — And 4 We Won’t

Living in Spain has altered the course of our lives in many ways. Below I list up some of the memories of life in Spain that we’ll take with us. Our Pros and Cons for Living in Spain We’ve been living in Spain since August of 2015, and are now planning a potential move. We’re […]

Explore Southeast Asia with Kids — Our Family Travel Tips

We have some of our strongest family travel memories while in Southeast Asia with kids. It’s a great place to explore with children, and so I’ve put together some of the most important lessons I’ve learned into a few tips for you. Tips for Southeast Asia with Kids In 1997, I left Atlanta (my hometown) […]

Food in Spain for Kids — Spanish Dishes Your Kids will Love

As you might expect, there is plenty of great food in Spain for kids. Eating in Spain is something that everyone should experience for themselves, and there are many things to try. Here is our (growing) list of recommended Spanish foods that every kid should try. Food in Spain for Kids If you’re looking for Spanish food that […]

Posts, Podcasts & Resources for Family Travelers—An Epic Education: Start Here

Hey family travelers. We’re glad you’re here. Looking for something in particular? This is a good place to start. Posts, Podcasts & Resources for Family Travelers If you have any questions about family travel or other family travelers, you can contact me anytime. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to help when […]

Scuba Diving in Spain? Our Kids’ 1st Dive w/Lanzarote Non Stop Divers

Anyone interested in scuba diving in Spain, listen up. There are lots of places to dive in Europe, but many of them are too cold in winter. If you want a place to take lessons any time of year, then you need to try scuba diving in the Canary Islands. We just returned from Lanzarote (one of […]

Non-Spicy Food in Malaysia – Malaysian Food You Should Try

Malaysia is an eater’s paradise, but finding non-spicy food in Malaysia for kids is a concern for some parents. That’s why I listed up some of our favorite types of Malaysian food that everyone can enjoy. This isn’t all of of the great food in Malaysia — just the most accessible dishes that don’t catch […]

How to Live in Spain: Our Spanish Residency Story

Moving to Spain was an easy decision. How about navigating the Spanish residency process and actually relocating to Spain after living in Asia since 1997? Not as easy, but not overly difficult, either. Want to live in Spain? Here’s how we did it. How to Live in Spain: Our Spanish Residency Story So we moved to Spain, […]

Things to do in Penang: The Blue Mansion vs The Peranakan Mansion

There are lots of things to do in Penang with kids. In fact, the entire country is a great family travel destination, but this particular little island off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia is an especially great place to  learn, eat and play. Things to do in Penang: The Mansions If you’re only in town […]