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EER113: Morocco with Kids with Amanda Mouttaki (a.k.a. MarocMama)

Morocco with kids. The markets of Fez. Wandering the streets of Marrakech and soaking in the small beach towns of southern Morocco. These are just a few topics from today’s episode of Epic Education Radio. All about visiting Morocco with kids! Morocco with Kids Meet Amanda Mouttaki. She’s an American mom of two who has […]

EER112: Homeschooling in Canada, Korea and Jamaica

Homeschooling in Canada. Giving birth in Korea. Family travel in Jamaica. These are just a few topics covered in this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio. Homeschooling in Canada, Korea, and Jamaica Meet Robyn Robertson, a mother of two and an unschooling advocate. With a bi-cultural heritage and a father who traveled for work, Robyn […]

Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Review: Amazing Luxury Stay in Kuala Lumpur

Heading to Malaysia with your kids? Are you interested in an affordable, yet luxurious serviced apartment for family travel in Kuala Lumpur? Read this Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon review and thank me later. Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Review: Luxurious Serviced Apartments Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic city to explore with kids, and Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon […]

Rinjani Lodge Review: Best Family Hotel in Senaru, Lombok

If you’re visiting Senaru, Lombok with kids or hiking Rinjani Mountain, then spending a night or two at the Rinjani Lodge should be the highlight of your trip. Our Rinjani Lodge review below. Rinjani Lodge Review Magical Stay in Senaru, Lombok We’ve loved every part of Indonesia we visited thus far: all over Bali, and Bukit Lawang, and Berastagi in […]

EER098: Flying with Children and Living in Perth with Kids

Flying with Children. Living in Perth with kids. Quokka selfies and Icelandic hot dogs! Just a few things covered in this week’s episode. Flying with Children and Living in Perth with Kids Meet Amanda Kendle. She’s a travel blogger and podcaster. She’s also a single parent traveler living in Perth, Australia. Ever been to Perth? It’s […]

EER094: How to do a Family Home Exchange with Marta from Learning Escapes

Is home ownership preventing you from traveling? Learn how to do a family home exchange. The family home swap is how today’s guest travels with kids. The Family Home Exchange Marta Correale is originally from Rome but resides in Ireland with her husband and two kids. They live, work and go to school in Dublin, but travel regularly through […]

How to Take a Japanese Bath — The Unwritten Rules of Japanese Culture

Do you know how to take a Japanese bath? If you’re visiting the country, it’s worth knowing a few of the Japanese bathing customs before you arrive. Here are a few pointers. They might surprise you. How to Take a Japanese Bath When my kids were little, my favorite time of the day was bath […]

Non-Spicy Food in Malaysia – Malaysian Food You Should Try

Malaysia is an eater’s paradise, but finding non-spicy food in Malaysia for kids is a concern for some parents. That’s why I listed up some of our favorite types of Malaysian food that everyone can enjoy. This isn’t all of of the great food in Malaysia — just the most accessible dishes that don’t catch […]

18 Taiwanese Food Kids Love – I LOVE Eating in Taiwan with Kids

I love Taiwanese food, and eating in Taiwan with kids is an absolute joy. The choices of food in Taiwan for kids are plentiful and delicious, and I encourage you to try as many of the dishes listed below as you can. Taiwanese Food & Eating in Taiwan with Kids I’ve included some very popular […]

Terra Mítica: One of the Best Amusement Parks in Spain

There are many amusement parks in Spain, and we’re just visiting our first in the country. Terra Mítica in Spain’s southeastern Alicante province has a lot of fun shows and rides for visiting families. Terra Mítica is not a perfect amusement park, but it’s usually rated one of the best amusement parks in Spain and we would […]