Rock Climbing in Railay Beach, Krabi with Kids

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It’s after 2AM, and I still haven’t fully packed for our (second) trip to Sumatra tomorrow (we love Bukit Lawang). Instead, I spent far too much time fiddling around with diligently editing the Youtube video you see above. So for tonight’s post on rock climbing in Railay Beach, Krabi with kids, I’ll let the imagery do most of the talking.

Rock Climbing in Railay Beach, Krabi with Kids

Fi near the summit: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

Krabi is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s made even more striking when you view it while dangling ten stories up the side of a limestone cliff in Railay beach.

Keiko on the wall: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

Keiko and I climbed these same walls in 1999 — she had a natural talent for it, while I struggled with the balance, upper-body strength and complete disregard for personal safety that such activities require.

I made it to the top, but just barely. My muscles twitched and my heart pounded for an hour after I reached the ground.

Keiko scrambled up like Spiderwoman, then skittered back down head-first like a squirrel, wiped away a single bead of sweat and met my dumbfounded gaze with a shrug.

“What’s next?” she said.

Jamie rock climbing: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

Kids climbed high

Fi hanging on: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

What’s next indeed. Here we were again, back for round two, with two of our kids.

I’m pleased to report that they’ve inherited their mother’s talents for ascending sheer rock walls. On the day of the climb, I bowed out of the proceedings with the goal of capturing some of the action with cameras from the ground.

Our boy had a genuine interest in conquering the wall, while our girl was more concerned with proving that she can do whatever her brother is capable of.

They both succeeded.

Pictures of this place and this wall just don’t do it justice. These images were mostly taken with an 18-200 zoom lens. If I tried to show all the height of the cliff wall, then Keiko and the kids would be mere specks in the image. Check the video for a better sense of scale.

Rock climbing guide: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

Go with a good guide

Jamie at Railay beach: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

We used a climbing company called Real Rocks for our guides, and were happy with their service.

Our instructor, Wan (seen above), was friendly and laid back, but professional and very patient with the kids. He knew the rocks well enough that if the kids got stuck, he simply shouted up to them where they should place their hand or foot next.

The Real Rocks office is located right on Railay beach, and we arranged pickup at our guesthouse and the longtail boat out to the beach through them.

Wan, our rock climbing guide in Krabi: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

We stayed nearby at Blanco Apartments. Run by a few Italian expats, the apartments are on the backside of one of the proprietor’s shops: an authentic Italian bakery, deli and restaurant.

I know most people don’t come to Thailand to eat Italian food, and neither did we, but living in the region means we (happily) eat Thai food several times a week. The kind of meal we had at Tipico was fantastic, and half the price we’d pay here in Penang for that quality. So…we ended up eating our weight in cheeses, hams, gnocchi and tiramisu.

Fi heading to the peak: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

I’d love to tell you a tale here about how they overcame their fears on these walls — of how they cowered in front of the height, but then set their jaw and faced the danger nobly — but that simply wasn’t the case.

They scurried up the wall with relish. If anything, they inspired a woman nearby who was having some trouble. She didn’t throw her cares to the wind, but she did give it a go one last time after watching our 8 y/o girl touch the peak.

K J & F Krabi: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

I’m incredibly proud of our little climbers. The kids may still scream and whimper at the sight of a wasp, but good-god they can climb without thinking twice.

Keiko was the last to climb the big wall, and she said that if she had gone first then she wouldn’t have let them go at all — she simply forgot just how high it was.

Keiko, Jamie and Felicia practicing on Railay Beach: Rock Climbing in Krabi with Kids — An Epic Education

Would you climb this? What would be your limit? I could have done it, but chose to stay on the ground for pictures. Seriously. I could have climbed it again, but had little desire to this time around, and ten stories was probably my limit. I couldn’t go higher, physically or psychologically — the height and the sheer physical and emotional strain of it all would have left me drained.

What would your limit be? Would you go to Railay Beach for climbing?

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  1. Wow Jason, nice of you to influence your kids to be in this sport. It is just amazing.