How to Sell Everything and Travel the World: Fund Your Travel

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Want to know how to fund your travel? Did you know you can sell everything and travel the world? If you are ready to make some money from your belongings, however, read on to find out how and where to sell everything and travel the world!

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How to Sell Your Stuff & Travel the World 

For some people, selling their stuff is harder than the saving money part. We all love our stuff, and it can be hard to get rid of it, even if it means that you’ll get the money you need to start exploring.

I could go all zen on you now and give you some B.S. quote about “letting go of attachments,” but instead of getting into hokey spiritualism, let’s look at the items in question and start there.

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You want to sell everything and travel, right? My first suggestion is this: make sure it’s what you really want. Maybe you just want a few months with family living in an airstream or traveling by RV. Maybe a summer abroad will scratch the itch — or maybe it will just make the wanderlust stronger. Think hard before you sell all that you own, but it’s usually a good exercise to audit your possessions and see what is really important to you. Look around your home.

What could you get rid of and survive?

Answer: just about everything.

No, I’m not saying that every item must go. Keep your glasses, your heart medication, your daughter’s first self-portrait and your laptop (or better yet: get a smaller one). I’m talking about selling, storing, trashing or giving away everything else. Learning how to travel often means learning to live with less.

If you left to travel the world tomorrow, what would you leave behind? What’s in your home that would sit waiting for your return? How valuable would it be to you when you get back? If you come back?

Be Unsentimental

We hold onto some things for sentimental reasons, for sure, but sometimes, the sentimental attachment is superficial. Is that “lucky jacket” really that lucky? Must you keep that vase, simply because your great aunt gave it to you in her will?

Then with some items, there is something called the sunken cost fallacy: you spent a chunk of money on that treadmill or that bread maker, and now it seems like a crime to sell it for a fraction of its original value.

You’re going to have to get over that. Now.


So no I’m not suggesting to sell everything and travel. It’s technically impossible. Sell almost everything. Prioritize what you’d keep. Your son’s baby teeth are irreplaceable. Some photo albums are irreplaceable, too, but many of them are scannable. We scan lots of stuff: kid drawings, certificates & awards, old letters, pictures without negatives, etc.

Is that sofa replaceable? Is that television? That mountain bike? That baby bed? You know the answer.

We have very few photo albums left (all digitized) and only a few select kids drawings because we scanned most of them. Family is everything, but everything is not crucial to keep.

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Appraise What You’re Selling

Figure out a rough estimate for what you think you can get from selling your stuff. Don’t appraise it for what you think it’s worth. Try to find what it’s actually worth. If you have antiques or collectibles you want to sell, do your research or seek out someone who can appraise it competently. Look up your items on eBay,

Do your research on normal household items, too. Look up your items on eBay, Amazon and similar sites to get an idea of how much your item costs now both new and used. Add that up and round your numbers down. Err on the low end.

How to Sell Everything and Travel the World: Fund Your Travel

How to Travel = How to Live with Less

Below I’ve listed up lots of resources to help you sell your stuff. Figure out which ones work best for you and get it done. This means you will have more money in your pocket and less storage space to pay for.

In fact, let’s talk about storage space. Some of you have friends or relatives with a garage or basement where you can leave your things. We do it, too. Half of our remaining stuff is either with my parents in Atlanta (one box of old drawings, pictures, and memorabilia) or with Keiko’s family in Osaka (clothes, hard drives and camping gear).

Whether it’s a storage space or your uncle’s shed, it’s best to leave the smallest amount behind as possible.

I’ve known many families who, once they hit the road, decide to keep going or to move abroad. Many others simply extend their travels for a month or a year more. Sometimes several years. Sometimes the money spent storing their old furniture, appliances, and exercise equipment ends up exceeding the value of the stuff itself.

Wait did I say “sometimes?” I meant to say almost always.

Epic Education Radio guest, Darryl Kotyk talked about one way they dealt with this when they were selling everything to move to Grenada. He and his wife simply took pictures. That way they can remember these items, but no longer have to lug them through the rest of their lives. That may seem overly simple, and it doesn’t work for every person or every item, but you might be surprised.

Sites to Sell Everything and Travel

websites How to Sell Everything and Travel the World

When some people sell everything and travel the world, they unload it little by little. Others clear out all they want to sell at once.  Once you’ve assessed what you’re ready to sell, look at the links below.

Yard sales, estate sales, & local consignment shops

This is the most common way to sell everything: the neighborhood yard sale. The community is often the people most likely to take things off your hands, especially kids’ stuff like toys and clothes. If you have higher-ticket items, look into an estate sale or local consignment shops. Sites like Yelp, Facebook and Foursquare can help you find them.

Facebook Groups

Check Facebook in your area to see if there are any “for sale” groups or pages in your area. We sold a number of our things using a “sayonara sale” page in Japan. Depending on where you are, there may be more than one sale page, especially if there are a lot of transients or people moving in and out of your town.

Amazon Marketplace

This is where the biggest audience lies, and you can sell most of your stuff here: clothes, shoes, games, toys, electronics and household appliances. Of course, Amazon takes a cut, and you may have shipping fees to consider, but if you have high-ticket items in good condition, Amazon provides one of the biggest audiences. If you want to sell everything and travel, consider here and facebook first.

Tip: Make sure to write the specific model number on the description and product listing. That’s how many people look for microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and other items.


This is a great place to sell toys, electronics, books, jewelry, exercise equipment and more. Like Amazon, eBay takes their own cut, and shipping fees may be a factor, but judge for yourself if this is the best platform for selling your stuff.

Tips: Do a little research beforehand. Look up similar items on eBay and see what they’re selling for. Choose the right keywords to make your products sound best. If possible, offer bundle prices: one price for item A, or a discount if they buy items A, B, and C.


Anything you can sell on eBay or Amazon sells here, too. Craigslist is also the best place to offload large items because you’re showing them to the local community. This is where you post pics of your sofa and refrigerator. People that are close enough to pick them up or have them shipped at a reasonable price can find you here.


Most people think of Etsy for artsy-craftsy stuff, but you can sell brand clothing and vintage items here, too.

Other specialized sites

So the links above are for the big daddies, but you might want to consider smaller boutique sites and apps. Check the links below and see if any of them can help you sell everything and travel.

For smart devices

If you’re selling an old iPad or Android phone, check places like Swappa, Gazelle, and EcoAtm.

For cars

In addition to all the conventional routes for selling a car, there are countless ways to do it online. One of them is Cardaddy.

For clothing

Poshmark is in the luxury brand business. If you have items from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach and other swanky things, look here.

The Real Real does something similar.  Totspot sells clothes for men, women, and kids.

The Goat app sells sneakers.

For books

Valores books, Book Scouter and Chegg buy and sell textbooks. Half is owned by eBay, and is an online marketplace for books as well as other forms of media.

For almost everything

Varage Sale is doing the Craigslist thing by targeting people in your community to sell to.

Let Go does something similar. Mercari is attempting this in app form. EBTH is for those of you with higher ticket items worthy of an estate sale, and they sort, appraise and put it online for you.

How Will YOU Sell Everything and Travel the World?

Tell us your strategies! We all have to fund travel somehow. Share your plans in the comments!

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