Skydiving in Colombia with Guanabana Tours – Our Experience Skydiving Colombia

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Skydiving Colombia…would you let your teenage son try skydiving in Colombia? We did, and I’m pleased to report that he loved every minute of it! Skydiving in Cartagena Colombia means you’re looking down at the Caribbean Sea as you jump, and it’s a beautiful setting. Read on to find out more about our experience skydiving Colombia.

Taking the leap! Skydiving in Colombia is an amazing experience.

Our Experience Skydiving in Colombia

At first, I couldn’t see him. The sky above me didn’t hinder my vision, but the little black speck was too small to see against the clouds and blue sky. As the little black speck grew larger I could finally focus on it. That black speck was my son, hurtling towards the earth after jumping out of an airplane.

For many people, this is the stuff of nightmares, but for my son, it was a dream come true. Skydiving in Colombia (or anywhere) is the last thing many travelers consider. Yet for my boy, at 16, it was on the top of his list. He’s wanted to take the leap for over a year now, and we’re happy to say that we chose the right time and place.

The right company, too. We worked a lot with Guanabana Tours during our travels in the country. Skydiving Colombia was the last of three partnerships. If you’re considering skydiving in Colombia, then we can recommend Guanabana Tours without reservation. Like with the rafting and cycling trips before it, our Colombia skydiving experience was great. Guanabana Tours partnered with Skydive Caribe for this trip, and we thought both companies handled everything punctually and professionally. As the father of this particular skydiver, this meant a lot. Here is what we liked about Guanabana Tours. VIDEO BELOW!

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Why Skydive Colombia with Guanabana Tours?

the plane! Skydive colombia 2

on the edge - Colombia Skydiving

freefall! Skydiving in colombia

Our skydive Colombia experience was great due in part to working with Guanabana Tours. We tried rafting and cycling with them as well and has great experiences every time. Here are a few reasons to consider skydiving in Cartagena Colombia with Guanabana Tours. 

This is Tandem Skydiving 

To be clear, no, my son did NOT jump out of a plane on his own. In order to do that, you must take lots of skydiving classes and get the certification, which takes a while. Instead, this is tandem skydiving in Cartagena. That means that the boy is hooked to a professional skydiver and they jump out of the plane attached to each other.


parachute harness - Skydiving cartagena 2

With tandem skydiving in Colombia, the boy’s instructor does all the work. He loads the parachute. He checks (and double checks) gear. And when it’s time to jump, he makes the judgments on when to pull the cord…all while filming you on a GoPro at the same time. In other words, there’s not much to learn before you go: a few tips on body positioning and that’s about it. The most difficult part about tandem skydiving in Colombia or anywhere simply is getting the courage to jump. Leave the rest up to the experienced guide you’re fastened to.

Punctual Drivers

Lots of Colombia adventure companies follow “Latin American time.” In other words, they show up late. Other Colombia Skydiving companies may be late as well, but we learned that Guanabana Tours take punctuality seriously. When it comes to skydiving Colombia, this is even more important. For example, if weather patterns change, then the winds might not be ideal for skydiving in Cartagena. The plane needs to leave during a certain window of time, and if you’re late, then you have to wait for another day. Our driver was sitting outside the hotel 10 minutes before our designated meeting time. Same as with rafting and cycling.

Instructors Experienced in Skydiving Colombia

The Cartagena skydiving instructors we met had hundreds of dives between them and years of experience tandem skydiving in Cartagena. Experience skydiving is essential, but experience dealing with first-time divers (and their loved ones) is also important. Throughout the entire experience, they put us at ease as they prepped my son without scaring him off. They explained the steps carefully and patiently and reviewed once more before they walked to the plane.

Weather Surveillance

weather monitoring - Colombia Skydiving 2

Whether you’re skydiving Colombia or any other place, weather changes can mean the difference between life and death. Winds can change, and weather can be in constant flux. That’s why any outfitter providing skydiving in Colombia should monitor the weather constantly. At the office we visited, I saw their monitors checking weather patterns. On a different screen, they watched the flight paths of other small aircraft.

Scenic Location

The setting for this Colombia skydiving experience is along the beach about an hour north of Cartagena. That means when you jump you have a (literal) bird’s eye view of the Caribbean. Skydiving Cartagena means a blue ocean below.

Our Skydiving Colombia Experience

The original pickup time was 6 am. However, we asked if we could push it back by an hour since our hotel didn’t serve breakfast until 6:30. Fortunately for us, the weather was on our side and they agreed. Once in the shuttle, we drove northwest for an hour until we reached the drop zone. There we met the team, the pilot and the Colombian skydiving instructors.


paperwork - Skydive colombia

First things first: before we started, Keiko and I had to sign off on a liability waiver. After all, this is a dangerous venture, and so we had to agree that (A) we allow our minor to do this crazy thing, and (B) we take all responsibility. Remember: you have to sign liability waivers for just about any adventure sports activity. As we read through the documents, the instructors prepped the chutes and other gear.

Suit Up & Practice

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preparing to jump - Skydive cartagena 2

Now it was time to put on all the skydiving gear. The instructor joked around and kept things light as he hooked on the boy’s harness and tightened it. He explained the purpose of the gear and then walked over to a model of the plane door, where he demonstrated how the jump would happen. He showed the boy where to place his feet and how to jump.


boarding the plane - Skydiving in colombia 2

Prep for skydiving Colombia was remarkably short. Then again, as I mentioned earlier, there’s not much to prepare for when it comes to tandem skydiving in Colombia or anywhere else. I heard an engine roar to life as the boy and instructor did their final preparations, and now they were walking toward the noise. There was the Cessna 182m waiting.

They climbed in. Not much room in a Cessna, actually. I had asked Guanabana Tours if I could go up with them to film, and they said no. In fact, they said it was impossible, and now I know why. In many countries, it’s illegal to go up unless you have on a chute and you’re going to jump. For one, there is very little room, but also, there are no seats! It’s dangerous!

To the Beach

the descent - skydiving colombia 2

As soon as the plane took off we all jumped into a van and sped to the beach. It would be another 15 minutes before they’d reach 10,000 feet, but we needed to be in position. Staff was in constant radio contact with the plane. Before we knew it, we were at the drop zone: a small strip of light gray Caribbean sand halfway between Cartagena and Barranquilla. We waited for about another 10 minutes, then the staff got the signal and we turned our eyes to the sky.

And then I saw that little black speck…

Freefall & Chute

the leap - skydiving colombia

joy after chute opened - Skydiving in cartagena colombia 2

They dropped for around 40 seconds before the instructor opened the chute. During that time they reached terminal velocity speeds of around 120 mph/200 kph as they dropped over 10,000 feet/3,000+ meters. That little black speck was moving fast! Then the chute released and the boy got an amazing view for the next 5 minutes as they coasted to the beach. For perspective, they dropped from nearly TWO MILES above the earth. What a ride! 

Video and Shuttle Back to Cartagena

solid ground - Skydiving cartagena

missed his sis - Skydiving in cartagena colombia

gopro video footage - Skydive cartagena

Once back on solid earth, we all piled back into the van and went back to the HQ. There the instructors showed the boy his GoPro footage, which is AWESOME. 

Afterward, we headed back to Cartagena. If you’re interested, Guanabana Tours can stop at the Totumo Mud Volcano on the way back since you pass right by it. This is one of the most popular things to do in Cartagena, but the kids weren’t interested in a dip in the mud at that time. In fact, the boy wanted to sleep. After the adrenaline wore off, he was exhausted. That said, the driver asked if I wanted to see it. I said yes, so we did a quick stop since it’s not far off the main road into town.

Our Verdict: Skydive Cartagena? Skydive Colombia?

Was the skydive Colombia experience positive? What did we think of skydiving in Cartagena Colombia? Would we recommend skydiving Colombia? Yes, yes and yes. Guanabana Tours did a great job pairing us with Skydive Caribe and took care of us the entire way. The boy loved it and asked us when he can go skydiving in Colombia again. 

Have You Been Skydiving in Cartagena?

Tell us about your experience skydiving in Cartagena or elsewhere. Would you skydive Colombia? Have you? Where? When? Let us know in the comments.

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