Rinjani Lodge Review: Best Family Hotel in Senaru, Lombok

If you’re visiting Senaru, Lombok with kids or hiking Rinjani Mountain, then spending a night or two at the Rinjani Lodge should be the highlight of your trip. Our Rinjani Lodge review below. Rinjani Lodge Review Magical Stay in Senaru, Lombok We’ve loved every part of Indonesia we visited thus far: all over Bali, and Bukit Lawang, and Berastagi in […]

Palacio de Rojas Review: Exceptional Family Hotel in Valencia – Spain Travel

Palacio de Rojas is a great place to stay in Valencia Spain. Here are a few reasons why. Our Palacio de Rojas Review As many of you know, we love exploring Valencia with kids and feel that it is one of the best family destinations in Spain. Possibly in all of Europe. For those families coming […]

Luxury in Lanzarote: 6 Reasons to Stay at Seaside Los Jameos Playa

I’m standing in a large atrium surrounded by ferns and cacti. My eye follows the wooden columns up three floors to where sunlight streams in from the roof. In the distance, I can hear children’s laughter and splashing. Someone hands me a chilled glass of cava as I approach the check-in counter. Minutes later, a bellhop scoops up […]

EER082: One Year of Family Travel Interviews — Epic Education Radio

Looking for family travel interviews? We’ve got’em. This marks the first full year of Epic Education Radio, and here are a few family travel interview highlights. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) One Year of Family Travel Interviews As 2016 comes to a close, I want to wish you an amazing new […]

EER080: How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids

Want to know how to do a home exchange with kids? If you’re looking to do a home swap to travel more, then you can certainly learn something from Daniel Prince. How to Arrange a Home Exchange with Kids Dan and his family of six have been traveling the world for years using home swaps to save thousands […]

House Sitting for Families: Funding Family Travel by Staying Rent-Free

House sitting for families — it’s possible, and it can save you thousands of dollars. For some families, it’s a great option. For others, it’s a near-impossibility. Is house sitting for families something you should pursue? Read on and find out. Save & Share with Pinterest! “How can you afford to travel for such a long […]

Travel Cheap with Kids via Home Swap & House Exchange — Family Travel Tips

We’re all trying to figure out how to travel cheap with kids, but some of you have a house that you want to hold onto. How do you travel with kids when you have rent or a mortgage to pay? Save the Pin for Later TRAVEL CHEAP WITH KIDS via HOME SWAP There are several ways […]

Rent Out Your House and Travel: How to Fund Your Travel

Want some time away from ordinary life? Why not rent out your house and travel? Having someone pay your rent or mortgage payment gives you the freedom to travel with your family and then return to the familiar when you’re ready. HOW TO RENT OUT YOUR HOUSE AND TRAVEL This site is all about helping people find […]

15 Great Things to Do in Asturias with Kids – Spain Road Trip

Despite the many things to do in Asturias, this region of northern Spain is often overshadowed by its neighbors Galicia and the Basque Country. However, during our road trip through northern Spain, we discovered many awesome things to do in Asturias with kids. In fact, we spent the longest period of our trip in the […]

La Pontiga Apartments in Infiesto – Where to Stay in Asturias

When we looked for where to stay in Asturias, we looked at Asturias hotels close to Congas de Onis and the lakes of Covadonga, where we found La Pontiga Apartments, a cute boutique establishment in a small town called Infiesto. MORE THAN YOUR TYPICAL ASTURIAS HOTELS We tend to book more apartments than hotels. We like both of […]