Family Travel Safety Tips: How to Handle Child Safety While Traveling

Looking for family travel safety tips? Before any big trip with kids, it’s important to prepare everyone for potential hazards. Here are a few things we’ve learned about child safety while traveling. Our Top Family Travel Safety Tips We love adventure, and many of our favorite places and activities involve some level of risk. That’s why child safety is […]

Living in Spain: 11 Things We’ll Miss About Valencia Life — And 4 We Won’t

Living in Spain has altered the course of our lives in many ways. Below I list up some of the memories of life in Spain that we’ll take with us. Our Pros and Cons for Living in Spain We’ve been living in Spain since August of 2015, and are now planning a potential move. We’re […]

Why Buy Travel Insurance: Family Travel Essentials

If your family is traveling, then buy travel insurance. Seriously. When I was young, I took big (and occasionally stupid) risks. One of them was going without insurance. Now that I have kids, it’s a different story. WHY BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE? If you’ve read this blog before, then you may think that we’re big risk-takers. Perhaps we […]

Play Football in Spain? Our FIFA International Transfer Story

Want to play football in Spain? Do your kids? My son has played on two 3rd-Division teams here in Valencia, but not before his mom and I went through months of paperwork and running around. How Our Son Got to Play Football in Spain For the latest (and final?) component of our Spain Story series, let […]

EER070: Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues

Travel with health issues is a big concern for many people. Traveling for kids with serious health issues can be an even more challenging subject. For some people, health problems stop their travel dreams. For the Tatransky family, they found a way around it. FAMILY TRAVEL WITH HEALTH ISSUES Lucie and Karel Tatransky have three kids. […]

How to Start Living in Spain with Kids: Our Story

So far in this series of posts, I’ve explained why we decided to move to Spain and how we finally earned our non-lucrative residence visa. I’ve explained up to when we left for Valencia. Now let me tell you how we began living in Spain with kids. HOW WE STARTED LIVING IN SPAIN WITH KIDS This post is mainly […]

EER058: Family Travel and Cultural Identity

Travel and cultural identity are tightly intertwined. For Andrew Tolentino, he found out first hand last year. In October 2015, Andrew and I met for the first time over a crappy internet connection. I was in Atlanta visiting family, he was sitting on a beach in Boracay, having recently left his home in New York to embark […]

What is the Best Age to Travel with Kids? The Best Time for Family Travel

What’s the best age to travel with kids? Wrong question — a “best age to travel” doesn’t exist. Put another way, let’s just say that there isn’t a perfect age to travel with kids, therefore any travel age is the right one. What is the Best Age to Travel with Kids? You and I both know that it’s […]

EER048: An Epic Family Road Trip — 11 countries in 111days

Family Road Trip of a Lifetime The family road trip, for most people, is a day or two of driving to visit far-flung relatives. The Baid family, however, have taken family road trips to an entirely new level. In 2015, the Anand Baid, his wife Punita and their two children loaded up the car and left their hometown […]

Down the Hole: Parenting, Privacy and Internet Safety

As I was writing a recent post about my kids, something struck me — something that often strikes me when I write a personal account of my family that anyone with an internet connection has access to: Am I doing the right thing? This is, at the very least, a two-part question: Regarding Internet Safety: Am I somehow putting […]