Snub-jective: I hate Trip Advisor, but I’m stuck with it

I won’t lie: I hate Trip Advisor. Wait — is “hate” is too strong a word here? How about this: “Overall, I find using the website Trip Advisor to be an unpleasant experience, and while often quite useful, it frequently feeds a regrettable yet deep-seated distrust I have in both the internet and humanity.” There, that’s […]

Tokyo Drift: Embracing cultural irrelevance

This past February, Jamie and I were walking through a department store in Chiang Mai. The evenings in Northern Thailand had turned cooler than expected, so we were out shopping for a few bedtime blankets. As we passed through the kids’ section,  Jamie — who has just turned 11 the month before — noticed an orange cat pattern […]

Radio Calisthenics: My Secret Shame

When this trip began twelve long months ago, I fantasized about many of the changes that were coming to my life: New experiences? Check. Newer, wiser mindset? Uhm, maybe. A slimmer waistline? Oh, definitely. I mean, a life on the road means an active lifestyle, right? Har-dee-harr-harr As I prepped and planned our trip in mid-2013, I remember […]

What I’ve Learned from Family Travel: 15 Insights From a Traveling Dad

People sometimes ask me what I’ve learned from family travel. After our first full year on the road, I tried to express how I felt. Interestingly enough, much of what I wrote then still rings true with us today, but there is more to the story. What I’ve Learned from Family Travel If I’ve learned […]

Secret Lives: Walter Mitty and me

To see the world, things dangerous to come to. To see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel.  That is the purpose of life. Oh, what ponderous words permeate Ben Stiller’s little film. Did I say “little?” This movie is about as small and subtle as an Icelandic sunrise, and it’s been on […]

Family Travel Problems: The Meltdown

“I want to go home!” The walls were fairly thin in our building, so I’m sure everyone on the floor could hear. “I HATE traveling, I HATE homescholing, I HATE Thailand…” He paused. I was pretty sure the next words would be “…and I HATE YOU, too,” but he reconsidered and looked away. That’s when […]

Is Family Travel Dangerous? Looking, Leaping and Learning your Limits

Is family travel dangerous? It can be if you’re not careful, calm and self aware. I am rarely all of these things at once, but I’m working on it. Is Family Travel Dangerous? As I’ve mentioned before in these pages, this blog is called An Epic Education, but the kids aren’t the only ones learning […]