Our Homeschool Scheduling Method

Looking for a homeschooling schedule method or other homeschool resources? Start here! Below I explain how we used offline and online homeschooling tools to educate our kids — both at home and on the road. Our Homeschooling Schedule Interest in homeschool resources spiked during the first few months of 2020, and with it came many […]

Largest Telescope in Japan – Bisei Astronomical Observatory, Okayama

When we ponder places like the Andromeda Galaxy or the stars in constellations, their distance from us is almost impossible to fathom. Even our own moon seems so far away, despite being one of the closest objects to our planet. The universe has fascinated humankind long before history began, and that fascination lives on in […]

Best Educational Apps for Traveling Kids

What are the best homeschool apps and the best educational apps for travel? We’ve been asking ourselves this question since 2013, when we first left our desk jobs, pulled the kids out of school and started traveling. This meant we started using our laptops and other devices for education, navigation, accommodation and more. Best Educational […]

EER152: Putting Kids in Local Schools While Traveling

For some families on the road long-term, putting kids in local schools while traveling becomes an important component of the journey. No, I’m not talking about fancy (and often expensive) international schools, although those can be a good option for some. What I’m talking about are just the regular local schools of a city or […]

EER127: Adding Cultural Experiences to Family Travel

Cultural experiences make family travel richer. It could be taking a cooking class or celebrating a local holiday. Whatever it is, there’s something special about incorporating cultural experiences into family travel. Today I talk with Becky Morales from Kid World Citizen about cultural education and how to add cultural experiences to family travel. *** SAVE THE PIN […]

Taste of San Miguel Review — Our Family Food Tour in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Warning: this Taste of San Miguel review will leave you hungry. The city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is an incredible place to explore, and this food tour was our best dining experience in town. Here are a few details of our day walking and eating. Taste of San Miguel Review There are over […]

EER121: Homeschooling, Parenting and Backpacking with Toddlers

Homeschooling, unschooling, parenting, and backpacking with toddlers. These are just a few things we discuss in this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) Backpacking with Toddlers Meet Jen Lumunlan. Like many of us, she was told that travel stopped once you have children. And like many […]

EER119: South America with Kids & Finding a School in Peru

Exploring South America with kids. Finding a school in Peru. Brushes with serendipity and tips for finding the right AirBnB apartment in South America. These are a few of today’s topics on Epic Education Radio. Exploring South America with Kids Meet Michelle Mundy. She and her husband have been exploring South America with kids and […]

EER117: Raising Bilingual Kids in Mexico, with Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless

Raising bilingual kids in Mexico. Living in Oaxaca. Driving around Mexico and giving birth there (twice) during the time of Zika. We’re talking to Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless on today’s episode of Epic Education Radio. Language Learning & Raising Bilingual Kids in Mexico DISCLAIMER: It has come to light that Christine Gilbert and her services […]

EER112: Homeschooling in Canada, Korea and Jamaica

Homeschooling in Canada. Giving birth in Korea. Family travel in Jamaica. These are just a few topics covered in this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio. Homeschooling in Canada, Korea, and Jamaica Meet Robyn Robertson, a mother of two and an unschooling advocate. With a bi-cultural heritage and a father who traveled for work, Robyn […]