EER091: AirBnB Tips and Online Education While Traveling

Money, accommodation, and online education while traveling. These are the three of the main challenges many traveling families face. In today’s episode, we address two of them: AirBnB tips and online education while traveling. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) AirBnB Tips and Online Education While Traveling Taking online classes while traveling is […]

EER089: Deschooling, Family House Sitting, & Scams in Thailand

Homeschooling, deschooling, family house sitting, and a few typical scams in Thailand. Welcome to the King family’s past 12 months of family travel. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) Deschooling, Family House Sitting, & Scams in Thailand It’s been a full year of family travel for Karen King and her family. Long-time […]

EER073: Worldschooling and Family Travel after a Crisis

Worldschooling is getting a lot of attention today, and well it should. On today’s episode, I talk with Jen Silver about how her family discovered worldschooling after the real estate crash and a number of other personal tragedies made them reassess their family’s life and education. Worldschooling and Family Travel What is worldschooling? Well, it’s […]

How Our Kids Enjoyed Schools in Spain: Our Story

Our kids spent the past year at local schools in Spain, and I’m thrilled to report just how well it went. If last week’s post sounded overly negative (I didn’t mean it that way), then this post about schools in Spain will tell a different side of the story. In this small series posts, I’ve […]

Education in Spain: Our School Experience in Valencia

Today I’ll explain our family’s first-year experience with education in Spain. EDUCATION IN SPAIN: OUR EXPERIENCE In this small series posts, I’ve tried to my best to describe different aspects of our first-year saga living in Spain. For more tips on Spain residency and living in Spain, look here: Getting the Non-Lucrative Visa How to Apply for the Non-Lucrativo […]

How to Start Living in Spain with Kids: Our Story

So far in this series of posts, I’ve explained why we decided to move to Spain and how we finally earned our non-lucrative residence visa. I’ve explained up to when we left for Valencia. Now let me tell you how we began living in Spain with kids. HOW WE STARTED LIVING IN SPAIN WITH KIDS This post is mainly […]

Museums in Asturias – Indoor Activities with Kids in Northern Spain

I’ll be honest with you: we didn’t go to northern Spain specifically to visit museums in Asturias. On the contrary, we came to Galicia and the Asturias region to be outside: hiking, swimming, canyoning (!), and strolling down one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. ** Save & Share with Pinterest! ** This area of Spain is much […]

EER066: House sitting, camping in New Zealand and Australia & more

Camping in New Zealand. Living in Australia. Moving to Bali and Italy and other exotic locations. This wasn’t part of the plan…at least at first. Phil and Amanda North did have a family adventure planned for after retirement. In fact, they had spent years planning and preparing for that family adventure, and when the time […]

Dinosaurs in Spain: The Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA)

If you have dinosaur lovers in your family, then Jurassic Museum of Asturias is for you. Spain has lots of preserved dinosaur tracks, and many of them were found along the stretch of coastline visible from the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, known to locals as MUJA (Museo Jurásico de Asturias)  Jurassic Museum of Asturias (MUJA) I had […]

EER062: Unschooling in Europe in a VW van with 3 kids

Unschooling in Europe can be a challenge, as each country has its own laws regarding the practice. In countries like Germany and Sweden, it’s completely illegal, where in other countries like Austria and Spain, the state has certain requirements for the family who chooses this child-led approach to education. UNSCHOOLING IN EUROPE IN A VW […]