EER107: World Travel with Babies and Toddlers

World travel with babies and toddlers. That’s how Ricky Shetty and his wife are spending her maternity leave. Listen in as we talk travel gear, date nights, travel as people of color and the differences between world travel with babies and world travel with toddlers. World Travel with Babies and Toddlers Meet Ricky Shetty. Since December […]

EER095: Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting and the Family Adventure Summit

Worldschooling. Travel budgeting. Family Travel planning and the upcoming Family Adventure Summit. We cover a lot in this episode of Epic Education Radio, so strap in and let’s get started! Worldschooling, Travel Budgeting & the Family Adventure Summit This week’s guest is Amy Sztupovszky, a mother and worldschooling advocate from Canada with some amazing family travel […]

Save Money on Travel – 30+ Ways to Fund Budget Travel

You’ve planned and you’ve saved. Your trip is now a reality. However, saving money to travel is just the beginning. Learn how to save money while traveling, and your journey can last much longer. HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON TRAVEL In this series, I’ve been trying to tackle many of the issues related to money and […]

Travel Cheap with Kids via Home Swap & House Exchange — Family Travel Tips

We’re all trying to figure out how to travel cheap with kids, but some of you have a house that you want to hold onto. How do you travel with kids when you have rent or a mortgage to pay? Save the Pin for Later TRAVEL CHEAP WITH KIDS via HOME SWAP There are several ways […]

Rent Out Your House and Travel: How to Fund Your Travel

Want some time away from ordinary life? Why not rent out your house and travel? Having someone pay your rent or mortgage payment gives you the freedom to travel with your family and then return to the familiar when you’re ready. HOW TO RENT OUT YOUR HOUSE AND TRAVEL This site is all about helping people find […]

EER072: Marathon Travel, Baby Travel & Vegan Travel with Kids

Vegan travel with kids: would it be difficult? Matt Urbanski doesn’t think so. He and his wife Julie have been exploring the globe with their 9-month-old son, following marathons and other races to run. VEGAN TRAVEL WITH KIDS Chatting from the Chamonix Valley in France, Matt talks about running, money, vegan travel and the new habits they’ve […]

How to Sell Everything and Travel the World: Fund Your Travel

Want to know how to fund your travel? Did you know you can sell everything and travel the world? If you are ready to make some money from your belongings, however, read on to find out how and where to sell everything and travel the world! How to Sell Your Stuff & Travel the World  […]

How to Save Money for Travel: 8 Tips for Funding Travel

Everyone wants to know how to save money for travel. Whether it’s to travel the world or to drive around your home country, you need all the tips to save money you can get. Here are mine, and a little of our experience with them. These money-saving tip could be for solo travel, couples travel or […]

EER067: How to Work from Anywhere with Kids

Would you like to work from anywhere and travel with your kids? Today’s guests have figured out a way that works for them. HOW TO WORK FROM ANYWHERE WITH KIDS In April of 2014, Rob and Tracey Tullis left their life in Canada and flew to Colombia with their young son. Over two years and many countries […]

EER064: Apartments, hotels, family travel accommodation & more

Finding the right family travel accommodation can be tricky, as many hotels, resorts and holiday apartment rentals are geared towards couples and romantic getaways. Mark Wyld travels with his family a lot, so he does his research. Mark and his family live in a small town outside Melbourne, Australia, and travel extensively within their home […]