EER071: How to Work and Travel the World with Kids

Do you want to know how to work and travel the world with kids? I know I do (we’re working on it). Sabina King and her husband Keith have figured out a way that works for them. Save & Share on Pinterest! HOW TO WORK AND TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH KIDS In this Epic Education Radio […]

EER062: Unschooling in Europe in a VW van with 3 kids

Unschooling in Europe can be a challenge, as each country has its own laws regarding the practice. In countries like Germany and Sweden, it’s completely illegal, where in other countries like Austria and Spain, the state has certain requirements for the family who chooses this child-led approach to education. UNSCHOOLING IN EUROPE IN A VW […]

EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids

Visiting Mexico with kids can be loads of fun. Running a business and living in Mexico with kids is even better. At least that’s what it sounds like when I talk with Crystal Blue. Running a Business in Mexico with Kids Based in Tulum, Mexico, Crystal and her daughter River have traveled all over the […]

EER056: Unschooling, Family Travel & Location Independence

Location independence is something that many parents want. For Caroline King and her family, a life of family travel and location independence happened as much out of necessity as out of desire. Location Independence meets Family Travel Living in her home country of Sweden, Caroline faced the country’s “skolplikt” (compulsory education) system, which required that her kids […]

EER052: Family Travel via Home Swapping & More

Let’s talk home swapping. It’s different than house sitting, which is another popular way for families save money on travel. Home swapping is all about trading houses with someone for a week, a month, or even longer. The process goes by many names — home exchange, flat exchange, holiday swap and vacation exchange, to name a few — […]

EER030: Long-term Family Travel Planning

Meet Karen King. She and her husband Cameron plan to take their kids on an indefinite adventure starting in January 2016. Karen and company have traveled before, but this will be their first stint of long-term travel, and their plans aren’t like any other family I’ve interviewed so far. Long-term Family Travel planning You see, Cameron plans to […]

EER027: Family Travel in Europe & more

Family travel in Europe is just the start of a conversation with Katie Barnes. She and her husband Jeff seem to have traveling in their blood. Before children, they bought a boat and sailed from the United States to New Zealand. Fast forward to the present and you’ll find them exploring Europe for the past three years, worldschooling their […]

EER021.2: Best Family Travel Podcast eps 11-20

Listen in our best family travel podcast for some of the best travel advice. I hope this was as fun for you to listen to as it was for me to make. The first twenty episodes of Epic Education Radio are packed with some of the best family travel advice, insight and inspiration — choosing […]

EER021.1: Highlights & Top Family Travel Tips ep1-10

Who wants some top family travel tips? Twenty episodes of Epic Education Radio — wow. I’ve learned so much from my guests about family travel, and I hope you have, too. For this episode, I highlight a few of the top family travel tips that I’ve learned from each guest. Every family I’ve interviewed has a […]

EER015: The Nomadic Family Lifestyle

The Pearce family exemplify what the nomadic family lifestyle should be. What a pleasure this interview was. Brandon and Jennifer Pearce were some of the first long-term family travelers I found on the web. Like Raising Miro and GotPassport, the Pearce family’s site (aptly named Pearce on Earth), helped me realize that the nomadic family lifestyle was […]