EER073: Worldschooling and Family Travel after a Crisis

Worldschooling is getting a lot of attention today, and well it should. On today’s episode, I talk with Jen Silver about how her family discovered worldschooling after the real estate crash and a number of other personal tragedies made them reassess their family’s life and education. Worldschooling and Family Travel What is worldschooling? Well, it’s […]

Rent Out Your House and Travel: How to Fund Your Travel

Want some time away from ordinary life? Why not rent out your house and travel? Having someone pay your rent or mortgage payment gives you the freedom to travel with your family and then return to the familiar when you’re ready. HOW TO RENT OUT YOUR HOUSE AND TRAVEL This site is all about helping people find […]

EER068: From Homeless to Executive Assistant – One Single Mom’s Travels

You don’t think of an executive assistant working out of a backpack or an RV, but for Amber Rose, that’s exactly what happened. From Homeless to Executive Assistant When her son Riley was still small, Amber Rose was evicted from her house. She also lost her car. Homeless and struggling, she was forced to live with […]

EER067: How to Work from Anywhere with Kids

Would you like to work from anywhere and travel with your kids? Today’s guests have figured out a way that works for them. HOW TO WORK FROM ANYWHERE WITH KIDS In April of 2014, Rob and Tracey Tullis left their life in Canada and flew to Colombia with their young son. Over two years and many countries […]

EER066: House sitting, camping in New Zealand and Australia & more

Camping in New Zealand. Living in Australia. Moving to Bali and Italy and other exotic locations. This wasn’t part of the plan…at least at first. Phil and Amanda North did have a family adventure planned for after retirement. In fact, they had spent years planning and preparing for that family adventure, and when the time […]

EER065: Living in an RV with kids

Michael and Crissa Boyink have been living in an RV with kids since 2010. Covering much of the USA, they’ve seen 41 states so far, and have no plans of stopping any time soon. LIVING IN AN RV WITH KIDS Back for their second show, I consider the Boyink family like “returning champions.” They are […]

EER062: Unschooling in Europe in a VW van with 3 kids

Unschooling in Europe can be a challenge, as each country has its own laws regarding the practice. In countries like Germany and Sweden, it’s completely illegal, where in other countries like Austria and Spain, the state has certain requirements for the family who chooses this child-led approach to education. UNSCHOOLING IN EUROPE IN A VW […]

EER061: Planning Family Travel Tips

Planning family travel can be challenging, but as Cindy Bailey can attest, giving yourself enough time to plan family travel can be very important. For Cindy and family, they gave themselves four months to uproot from suburbia for two years —perhaps longer. She says six months would have been better, but she learned a lot […]

EER060: The challenges and benefits of homeschooling and travel

Many can name some of the benefits of homeschooling. Jen Miller certainly can, but she’s also well aware of the trials and obstacles that present themselves face when one chooses an unconventional approach to education for their child. Add in four children and a life of full-time travel, and you can begin to imagine just how […]

EER058: Family Travel and Cultural Identity

Travel and cultural identity are tightly intertwined. For Andrew Tolentino, he found out first hand last year. In October 2015, Andrew and I met for the first time over a crappy internet connection. I was in Atlanta visiting family, he was sitting on a beach in Boracay, having recently left his home in New York to embark […]