EER075: Remote Work with Kids to Fund Family Travel

Remote work with kids isn’t always the easiest way to fund family travel, but for many families, it’s the best (if not only) solution. REMOTE WORK TO FUND FAMILY TRAVEL We’ve used remote work part of our travel lifestyle strategy ever since we left our desks jobs in 2013, and today’s guest has used remote work to […]

EER059: Living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Kids

Visiting San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with Kids? Listen in, and you’ll hear what it’s like to live there. Visiting Mexico with kids is great. Living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with kids seems to be even better. Brian and Scottie Elliott are a digital nomad family presently based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with their son, […]

EER057: Running a Business in Mexico with Kids

Visiting Mexico with kids can be loads of fun. Running a business and living in Mexico with kids is even better. At least that’s what it sounds like when I talk with Crystal Blue. Running a Business in Mexico with Kids Based in Tulum, Mexico, Crystal and her daughter River have traveled all over the […]

EER055: Living in Panama and Moving to Mexico with Kids

Moving to Mexico. Living in Panama. A few years ago, these were just ideas for Dan Sherman and his family. Then in 2014, they left the United States to begin a life of living and traveling in Latin America. The plan was to live in Panama for two years and then return to the United States, but it didn’t […]

EER020.2: Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two)

 Last week you heard part one of my conversation with Talon Windwalker, a man with a unique story and perspective on family travel. A single, gay father with a teen, Talon and his son, Tigger have been all over the world, traveling and living abroad since 2008. Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two) Talon is […]

EER020.1: Single-Dad, Gay Family Travel

Talon Windwalker is a pretty amazing guy. After years of caring for the sick and the dying as a chaplain and hospice care worker, he adopted his son — the “cute, blonde ball of nervous energy” known online as Tigger — and set forth into the world, traveling the globe since 2011. Single-Dad, Gay Family […]

EER012: Homeschooling Sailing and College Abroad

Have your kids thought of going to college abroad? Alex Petrilla’s daughter is enjoying European living after a life of living on a sail boat and traveling with her family. Homeschooling Sailing and College Abroad Alex and her husband, Joe, had a nice life in Poquoson, Virginia, in the United States. Life was good, Alex says, but […]