EER041: LGBT Family Travel with 2TravelDads

Rob and Chris Taylor run the LGBT family travel blog Together with their two sons, they spend as much time as they can on the road. The Taylors live and work in the Pacific Northwest, but they enjoy travel in many areas of North America, including Canada and Mexico. LGBT Family Travel with 2TravelDads Listen in […]

EER040: How to Travel the World with a Family

How to travel the world with a family — there are countless ways to do it (indeed, that’s what this podcast is all about!). Cliff Hsia has figured out a way for his family to travel together, and it involves saving, working remotely and putting his daughters in local schools for short periods of time. What it does […]

EER036: Life in Costa Rica with Children

 Building a business in North America can be tough — building a business in Costa Rica with children (and limited funds) is on a completely different level. That didn’t stop Bobby and Shelley Workman, though. This American couple from North Carolina quit their jobs, moved their three daughters to Central America and built a set of villas in Costa Rica, […]

EER033: Sailing, Podcasting, Large Family Travel Planning

If you’re interested in long-term large family travel planning and don’t know Erik Hemingway yet, then it is my honor to introduce him to you. As the creator of the Family Adventure Podcast, Erik has interviewed dozens and dozens of family travelers (86 episodes available on iTunes at the time of writing), and I credit his […]

EER031: Large Family Travel Tips

If you’re in need to large family travel tips, look no further than Greg and Rachel Denning. It’s not every day that you come across a family of eight — EIGHT!— who are completely location independent, but team Denning isn’t just any family. Large Family Travel Tips Living abroad since 2007, Greg and Rachel have lived, […]

EER028: Peru Family Travel

Interested in Peru family travel? Listen up. To say Matt and Michelle Tupy love travel and adventure would be quite an understatement. The couple met in China back in 2004, and have basically been on the move ever since. Peru Family Travel The Tupy family now consists of four members, and their latest trip will be […]

EER027: Family Travel in Europe & more

Family travel in Europe is just the start of a conversation with Katie Barnes. She and her husband Jeff seem to have traveling in their blood. Before children, they bought a boat and sailed from the United States to New Zealand. Fast forward to the present and you’ll find them exploring Europe for the past three years, worldschooling their […]

EER026: Vietnam Family Travel Tips

Need Vietnam family travel tips? Meet Barbara Adam, founder of Saigon Street Eats and contributor to Fodor’s Vietnam travel guide. After realizing that her life and work weren’t making her happy, Barbara left Australia to find out what would — a journey that sent her from Vietnam to Singapore and back again, with numerous stops in […]

EER022: Gap Years, Family Travel Insurance & more

Gap years, family travel insurance and more — from mid-life crisis to mid-life opportunity! When Nick Johnson turned 40, he and his wife Sam made a radical decision: instead of buying a bigger house, a new car or some other similar purchase, they instead decided to rent their house, fill two backpacks and hit the road with […]

EER017: One Family’s Move to the Caribbean

What would you move to the Caribbean for? For some, biking is a hobby. For Darryl Kotyk, it’s a passion. His family’s move to the Caribbean was based on the desire to find a better place for him, his family…and their bicycles. Darryl is a devoted husband, father of three, and cycling enthusiast based on […]