EER051: Long Haul Flight with Young Kids

Long Haul Flight with Young Kids Based in Abu Dhabi, Keri Hedrick and her husband have been living in the UAE with kids for three and a half years, and traveling from there every chance they get. In this Epic Education Interview, Keri and I discuss a number of family travel related topics. Subscribe to […]

EER050: Slow Travel & Remote Working with Kids

Slow Travel & Remote Working with Kids Do you think you could pull off remote working with kids? Today’s guests Will and Jessica Suero are discovering just how it works for their family. It started with a summer in France. Will tried working remotely for his company, and this experiment with location independence was such a success that […]

EER048: An Epic Family Road Trip — 11 countries in 111days

Family Road Trip of a Lifetime The family road trip, for most people, is a day or two of driving to visit far-flung relatives. The Baid family, however, have taken family road trips to an entirely new level. In 2015, the Anand Baid, his wife Punita and their two children loaded up the car and left their hometown […]

EER047: Living, Biking and Teaching in Korea

 Teaching in Korea is an increasingly popular way for Westerners to find work in the country. Originally contracted to teach for two years, she and her family of three are now in their ninth year in Korea. Living, Biking and Teaching in Korea In this Epic Education Radio interview, I ask Emma about how they […]

EER043: Moving to Morocco with Kids—MarocMama

Moving to Morocco with kids. Living in Morocco with children. Family life in Morocco and cooking Moroccan food. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like, then you’ll find this interview very, very interesting. Moving to Morocco with Kids—MarocMama Meet Amanda Mouttaki and her husband, Youssef. When their oldest son was eight, they moved their family […]

EER040: How to Travel the World with a Family

How to travel the world with a family — there are countless ways to do it (indeed, that’s what this podcast is all about!). Cliff Hsia has figured out a way for his family to travel together, and it involves saving, working remotely and putting his daughters in local schools for short periods of time. What it does […]

EER039: Living in Costa Rica with Kids and working online

 Have you ever thought about living in Costa Rica with kids? Or working online? If you can answer “yes” to either of those questions, then you should meet Liisa. Living in Costa Rica with Kids Like me, Liisa loves hearing the stories of people who have left their conventional lives behind to try living abroad as a […]

EER037: Travel & Expat Life in Italy

Have you ever wondered what expat life in Italy would be like? Virginie Auguste-Dormeuil could tell you. Virginie is the mother of a French family of five living in Rome since 2012. She is also a travel blogger in both French and English, and has taken her kids all over the globe during their school breaks — and […]

EER036: Life in Costa Rica with Children

 Building a business in North America can be tough — building a business in Costa Rica with children (and limited funds) is on a completely different level. That didn’t stop Bobby and Shelley Workman, though. This American couple from North Carolina quit their jobs, moved their three daughters to Central America and built a set of villas in Costa Rica, […]

EER034: LGBT Family Travel and more

Family travel is a perennial topic of websites and magazines, but LGBT family travel has only just begun to receive the coverage it deserves. We first met Darcy and Katie in Penang, Malaysia back in 2013. Their twin boys, Max and Sebastian were rather shy and reserved then, thrust into a group of loud and gregarious […]