EER033: Sailing, Podcasting, Large Family Travel Planning

If you’re interested in long-term large family travel planning and don’t know Erik Hemingway yet, then it is my honor to introduce him to you. As the creator of the Family Adventure Podcast, Erik has interviewed dozens and dozens of family travelers (86 episodes available on iTunes at the time of writing), and I credit his […]

EER032: Family Moving to Spain

Meet Krystal Loverin, and veteran and mother of three. After tours in both Kuwait and Iraq, Krystal decided to live life with purpose. She wanted to see more of the world, and she didn’t want to wait any longer. Family Moving to Spain She drove all over Mexico, and then, after careful planning with her husband, […]

EER031: Large Family Travel Tips

If you’re in need to large family travel tips, look no further than Greg and Rachel Denning. It’s not every day that you come across a family of eight — EIGHT!— who are completely location independent, but team Denning isn’t just any family. Large Family Travel Tips Living abroad since 2007, Greg and Rachel have lived, […]

EER030: Long-term Family Travel Planning

Meet Karen King. She and her husband Cameron plan to take their kids on an indefinite adventure starting in January 2016. Karen and company have traveled before, but this will be their first stint of long-term travel, and their plans aren’t like any other family I’ve interviewed so far. Long-term Family Travel planning You see, Cameron plans to […]

EER029: An Epic Family Travel Around The World

 Thirty-six countries in eleven months. That’s what Tom Fassbender and his family just did, an epic family travel around the world. For Tom and his wife Samantha, life was just getting too busy in Los Angeles, so they decided to sell their stuff, move out of their house, take their daughters out of school for a […]

EER028: Peru Family Travel

Interested in Peru family travel? Listen up. To say Matt and Michelle Tupy love travel and adventure would be quite an understatement. The couple met in China back in 2004, and have basically been on the move ever since. Peru Family Travel The Tupy family now consists of four members, and their latest trip will be […]

EER027: Family Travel in Europe & more

Family travel in Europe is just the start of a conversation with Katie Barnes. She and her husband Jeff seem to have traveling in their blood. Before children, they bought a boat and sailed from the United States to New Zealand. Fast forward to the present and you’ll find them exploring Europe for the past three years, worldschooling their […]

EER025: Family Gap Year Itinerary

Meet Bliss Broyard, a writer, author and Brooklyn resident who recently returned from an extended journey around the world with her family. Her husband’s sabbatical year from a New York university became an opportunity for the kids to leave school for nine months and travel with their parents through Africa, Asia and the sub-continent. Family Gap Year Itinerary Here Bliss talks […]

EER019: World Travel Family & Simple Life Romania

Alyson Long is part of a truly World Travel Family. In June 2013, she and her two young sons left her adoptive home of Port Douglas, Australia with one-way tickets to Malaysia. Her husband caught up with them soon after, and since then the family has been through Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka, the Americas and Europe, using London as a […]

EER016: Travel Hacking for Families

Travel hacking, elephant poop and pillow fights. These are just a few details from the Spaccarelli family’s year of round-the-world family travel. Travel Hacking for Families In this Epic Education Interview, Kathrin Spaccarelli describes how they planned for their trip, how they educated on the road, what they carried with them and what they’ve learned after […]