Best Carry On Luggage – Lightweight, Underseater, Spinner & More

When looking for the best carry on luggage, some want the convenience of the lightweight carry on luggage, while others want the durability of a hard shell carry on luggage. Each type has its pros and cons. Considering how airlines are changing the rules for your bags, it makes more sense to seek out the […]

Guide to Buying the Best Travel Shoes – Women’s Travel Shoes and Men’s Travel Shoes

Looking for the best travel shoes for Europe, South America or Asia? We have some tips for you. Whether you’re looking for the best men’s travel shoes or the best women’s travel shoes, finding the right footwear is an important step in planning a big trip. The best travel shoes will keep you comfortable and on […]

Best Travel Backpack – How to Choose the Best Backpack for Travel

Believe it or not, having the best backpack for travel can change your journey dramatically for the better. As you are in search of a good backpack for Europe, Southeast Asia, and other traveling destination, it’s important to find the best travel backpack to fit your body and travel goals. Want to carry a small […]

Where to Eat in Zaragoza – The Tapas Menu at La Republicana: Best Tapas in Spain?

The tapas menu in Spain is varied and exquisite, but when deciding where to eat in Zaragoza,  keep La Republicana in mind. Tapas in Zaragoza are a true pleasure, and the city gives you a lot of options to try them. There are many things to do in Zaragoza with kids, and perusing many a tapas […]

DiveZone Review: Scuba Lessons in the Gilis and Diving Gili Air

Scuba Lessons in the Gilis. Diving Gili Air. Do you or your kids want to try? If so, then read on. We had a great experience with DiveZone on Gili Air. Our DiveZone review below. Divezone Review: Scuba Diving in Gili Air Seventy-one percent. That’s how much of the earth is covered in water. If […]

Baruna Villas Review: Great Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan

If you’re looking for great family villas in Indonesia, then check out this Baruna Villas review. It might change your opinion of family travel in Gili Trawangan. It certainly did for us. Baruna Villas Review Great Family Accommodation in Gili Trawangan We really loved our time exploring Lombok’s Gili Islands with kids. And out of […]

Rinjani Lodge Review: Best Family Hotel in Senaru, Lombok

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Luxury in Lanzarote: 6 Reasons to Stay at Seaside Los Jameos Playa

I’m standing in a large atrium surrounded by ferns and cacti. My eye follows the wooden columns up three floors to where sunlight streams in from the roof. In the distance, I can hear children’s laughter and splashing. Someone hands me a chilled glass of cava as I approach the check-in counter. Minutes later, a bellhop scoops up […]

Best Luggage Brands for Travel – Family Travelers’ Choice

What are the best luggage brands for travel? Or the best backpacks for family travel? I know what the best travel luggage for me and my family, but that might be different for you. I think the most recommended luggage brands do a pretty good job. In this post I’ll share the best luggage brand […]