EER044: Round-the-World with a Preschooler

Traveling round the world with a preschooler can be an immensely rewarding experience. Just ask Maria Belfort. A native of Lisbon, Maria now lives in the UK with her husband Rob and their 4-year-old son, Charlie. Last year traveled across the globe, exploring Japan, Europe and New Zealand, as well as spending six months driving around […]

EER042: How to Sell Everything and Travel The World

Do you think you could sell everything and travel the world? That’s what Jason Marshall did. Before this round-the-world trip, Marshall describes himself as a typical corporate guy in America: the job, the business trips, “the SUV and the golden retrievers.” He also had the 50-hour workweek and a son growing up fast. On his son’s birthday, […]

EER029: An Epic Family Travel Around The World

 Thirty-six countries in eleven months. That’s what Tom Fassbender and his family just did, an epic family travel around the world. For Tom and his wife Samantha, life was just getting too busy in Los Angeles, so they decided to sell their stuff, move out of their house, take their daughters out of school for a […]

EER025: Family Gap Year Itinerary

Meet Bliss Broyard, a writer, author and Brooklyn resident who recently returned from an extended journey around the world with her family. Her husband’s sabbatical year from a New York university became an opportunity for the kids to leave school for nine months and travel with their parents through Africa, Asia and the sub-continent. Family Gap Year Itinerary Here Bliss talks […]

EER023: Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens

Travel with little kids has its challenges, but travel with teens requires a different approach. Meet Gretchen Richter and Rodrigo DeMedeiros, a couple who left Seattle, Washington to take the family on a year-long, round-the-world trip. Coffee, Rick Steves, Travel with Teens Rodrigo is an impressive photographer and videographer, and the family’s video series is definitely worth checking out (the Buenos […]

EER022: Gap Years, Family Travel Insurance & more

Gap years, family travel insurance and more — from mid-life crisis to mid-life opportunity! When Nick Johnson turned 40, he and his wife Sam made a radical decision: instead of buying a bigger house, a new car or some other similar purchase, they instead decided to rent their house, fill two backpacks and hit the road with […]

EER016: Travel Hacking for Families

Travel hacking, elephant poop and pillow fights. These are just a few details from the Spaccarelli family’s year of round-the-world family travel. Travel Hacking for Families In this Epic Education Interview, Kathrin Spaccarelli describes how they planned for their trip, how they educated on the road, what they carried with them and what they’ve learned after […]

EER008: Gap Year Family Travel Interview

Gap year family travel can be tough to plan, but life-changing once put in place. We met Katie, Danny, Caleb and Isaiah in central Vietnam last year. The beautiful town of Hoi An provided the perfect backdrop for the parents to chat and the kids to get to know each other. It’s rare that we meet […]

EER004: Two Gap Year Family Travel

Gap year family travel? Make that two years for the Clark family. Meet Mo, Martin, Ben, Zoe and Lara, a UK family who enjoyed their year of round-the-world, gap year family travel that they decided to take another one. Two Gap Year Family Travel We’ve kept in touch since we met in late 2013, and […]