EER094: How to do a Family Home Exchange with Marta from Learning Escapes

Is home ownership preventing you from traveling? Learn how to do a family home exchange. The family home swap is how today’s guest travels with kids. The Family Home Exchange Marta Correale is originally from Rome but resides in Ireland with her husband and two kids. They live, work and go to school in Dublin, but travel regularly through […]

How to Spend 48 Hours in Tokyo with Kids – Japan Family Travel

So you have 48 hours in Tokyo with kids. How are you going to spend it? Whether you’re on a quick layover in Japan or trying to squeeze the most out of your time in the city, here is one suggested 2 day itinerary for Tokyo family travel. 48 Hours in Tokyo with Kids We […]

EER088: Sustainable Travel, Large Family Travel and Family Cruises with Global Munchkins

Sustainable travel, large family travel and family cruises — just three of the many topics covered in my conversation with Amber Mamian of the Global Munchkins family travel blog. Sustainable Travel, Large Family Travel & Family Cruises Amber is the mother of five children: three biological, and two via adoption. Her love of travel actually was […]

EER083: Active Holiday Family Travel with a Drone

Holiday family travel with a drone? Intense, perhaps, but rewarding. That’s one of the ways the Wagar family gets the most out of their journeys. Here Kevin Wagar shares his experience. Holiday Family Travel with a Drone & More Many Epic Education Radio guests travel for extended periods of time. Some are gap year travelers, slow […]

EER082: One Year of Family Travel Interviews — Epic Education Radio

Looking for family travel interviews? We’ve got’em. This marks the first full year of Epic Education Radio, and here are a few family travel interview highlights. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) One Year of Family Travel Interviews As 2016 comes to a close, I want to wish you an amazing new […]

Why Buy Travel Insurance: Family Travel Essentials

If your family is traveling, then buy travel insurance. Seriously. When I was young, I took big (and occasionally stupid) risks. One of them was going without insurance. Now that I have kids, it’s a different story. WHY BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE? If you’ve read this blog before, then you may think that we’re big risk-takers. Perhaps we […]

EER064: Apartments, hotels, family travel accommodation & more

Finding the right family travel accommodation can be tricky, as many hotels, resorts and holiday apartment rentals are geared towards couples and romantic getaways. Mark Wyld travels with his family a lot, so he does his research. Mark and his family live in a small town outside Melbourne, Australia, and travel extensively within their home […]

EER063: Travel Photography and the Best Hotels for Kids

What are the best hotels for kids? Eric Stoen has a few he could suggest. From luxury family resorts in Mexico and the African continent to quirky boutique hotels in Europe and beyond, Eric takes his kids everywhere, and is an exceptional travel photographer and family travel blogger. THE BEST HOTELS FOR KIDS (ADULTS TOO) […]

EER051: Long Haul Flight with Young Kids

Long Haul Flight with Young Kids Based in Abu Dhabi, Keri Hedrick and her husband have been living in the UAE with kids for three and a half years, and traveling from there every chance they get. In this Epic Education Interview, Keri and I discuss a number of family travel related topics. Subscribe to […]

EER041: LGBT Family Travel with 2TravelDads

Rob and Chris Taylor run the LGBT family travel blog Together with their two sons, they spend as much time as they can on the road. The Taylors live and work in the Pacific Northwest, but they enjoy travel in many areas of North America, including Canada and Mexico. LGBT Family Travel with 2TravelDads Listen in […]