EER102: Single Parent Travel and Expat Living in Australia with Kids

Single parent travel. Expat living in Australia with kids. Cruises, strollers and the search for soy-based baby formula. There are just a few topics from this week’s episode of Epic Education Radio. Single Parent Travel and Expat Living in Australia with Kids Meet Jade. She’s a Canada native who knows a few things about single […]

EER098: Flying with Children and Living in Perth with Kids

Flying with Children. Living in Perth with kids. Quokka selfies and Icelandic hot dogs! Just a few things covered in this week’s episode. Flying with Children and Living in Perth with Kids Meet Amanda Kendle. She’s a travel blogger and podcaster. She’s also a single parent traveler living in Perth, Australia. Ever been to Perth? It’s […]

EER087: Living in Senegal with Kids with Guðrún Helga Jóhannsdóttir

Guðrún Helga Jóhannsdóttir is an Icelandic single mom who’s been living in Senegal with kids for some time now. If you’ve ever been interested in traveling in Western Africa, listen in! Living in Dakar, Senegal with Kids Guðrún leads a very interesting life. Based in the Senagalese capital of Dakar, she lives, works and raises three […]

EER021.2: Best Family Travel Podcast eps 11-20

Listen in our best family travel podcast for some of the best travel advice. I hope this was as fun for you to listen to as it was for me to make. The first twenty episodes of Epic Education Radio are packed with some of the best family travel advice, insight and inspiration — choosing […]

EER021.1: Highlights & Top Family Travel Tips ep1-10

Who wants some top family travel tips? Twenty episodes of Epic Education Radio — wow. I’ve learned so much from my guests about family travel, and I hope you have, too. For this episode, I highlight a few of the top family travel tips that I’ve learned from each guest. Every family I’ve interviewed has a […]

EER020.2: Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two)

 Last week you heard part one of my conversation with Talon Windwalker, a man with a unique story and perspective on family travel. A single, gay father with a teen, Talon and his son, Tigger have been all over the world, traveling and living abroad since 2008. Single Dad, Gay Family Travel (part two) Talon is […]

EER020.1: Single-Dad, Gay Family Travel

Talon Windwalker is a pretty amazing guy. After years of caring for the sick and the dying as a chaplain and hospice care worker, he adopted his son — the “cute, blonde ball of nervous energy” known online as Tigger — and set forth into the world, traveling the globe since 2011. Single-Dad, Gay Family […]