EER051: Long Haul Flight with Young Kids

Long Haul Flight with Young Kids Based in Abu Dhabi, Keri Hedrick and her husband have been living in the UAE with kids for three and a half years, and traveling from there every chance they get. In this Epic Education Interview, Keri and I discuss a number of family travel related topics. Subscribe to […]

EER049: Nomadic Family Travel with a toddler

 Long-term travel with a toddler: impossible, right? Wrong. In fact, for some traveling families, it can be one of the best times for world travel. It has certainly been rewarding for Konrad and Regina Braun. Digital nomads before becoming parents, Konrad and Regina returned to their home country of Canada for the birth and first year of their daughter, […]

EER046: Slow Travel and House Sitting with Kids

Have you considered house sitting with kids? Many families are using house sit assignments to travel across the world, virtually rent-free. That’s what Donna Carvell and her husband Simon have done, and they’re doing it with their young daughter. “We take care of people’s homes and pets when they are away and we do not get […]

EER045: Digital Nomad Family Life

Can you imagine a digital nomad family life? David Keys and Sarah Beaudette are finding out first hand. Long-term expats, David and Sarah lived in both South Africa and Luxembourg before starting a a family. Now they find themselves in Ko Phangan, Thailand, starting a business and raising their son, Spencer. We talk a lot […]

EER038: Long-term Travel with a Baby

Most people don’t consider long-term travel with a baby, but Andrew and Tanya Davis are not most people. In this conversation, Andrew tells me why he thinks traveling with infants and toddlers can actually be easier than with older children. This notion may seem counter-intuitive, but he is not alone: I have talked with a number of families who feel […]

EER033: Sailing, Podcasting, Large Family Travel Planning

If you’re interested in long-term large family travel planning and don’t know Erik Hemingway yet, then it is my honor to introduce him to you. As the creator of the Family Adventure Podcast, Erik has interviewed dozens and dozens of family travelers (86 episodes available on iTunes at the time of writing), and I credit his […]

EER031: Large Family Travel Tips

If you’re in need to large family travel tips, look no further than Greg and Rachel Denning. It’s not every day that you come across a family of eight — EIGHT!— who are completely location independent, but team Denning isn’t just any family. Large Family Travel Tips Living abroad since 2007, Greg and Rachel have lived, […]

EER022: Gap Years, Family Travel Insurance & more

Gap years, family travel insurance and more — from mid-life crisis to mid-life opportunity! When Nick Johnson turned 40, he and his wife Sam made a radical decision: instead of buying a bigger house, a new car or some other similar purchase, they instead decided to rent their house, fill two backpacks and hit the road with […]

EER013: Patchwork income, Epic living

“From Epic Fail to Epic Life.” That’s how Clark Vandeventer describes the last five years. He and his wife Monica went from living in a garage to traveling with their three kids every year — always returning to Lake Tahoe for ski season. Patchwork income, Epic living Clark and I met in Penang, Malaysia one […]

EER011: To be a Digital Nomad with Family

Jacob is a digital nomad with family, and he and his wife, Kalli have it figured out. They began exploring the globe not long after marrying in 2008, and have been traveling ever since. Their son, Ryder was born in Mexico, and has enjoyed nearly 2 years on the road with his mom and dad. To […]