EER082: One Year of Family Travel Interviews — Epic Education Radio

Looking for family travel interviews? We’ve got’em. This marks the first full year of Epic Education Radio, and here are a few family travel interview highlights. Subscribe to Our Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, and more) One Year of Family Travel Interviews As 2016 comes to a close, I want to wish you an amazing new […]

EER077: International Travel with a Baby—Where’s Sharon

Nervous about international travel with a baby? Don’t be. In today’s podcast, veteran family travel blogger Sharon Gourlay is here to tell you that it’s possible. In addition, she says that international travel with a baby not as hard as you think, and it’s totally worth the effort. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL WITH A BABY This is not […]

EER072: Marathon Travel, Baby Travel & Vegan Travel with Kids

Vegan travel with kids: would it be difficult? Matt Urbanski doesn’t think so. He and his wife Julie have been exploring the globe with their 9-month-old son, following marathons and other races to run. VEGAN TRAVEL WITH KIDS Chatting from the Chamonix Valley in France, Matt talks about running, money, vegan travel and the new habits they’ve […]

EER038: Long-term Travel with a Baby

Most people don’t consider long-term travel with a baby, but Andrew and Tanya Davis are not most people. In this conversation, Andrew tells me why he thinks traveling with infants and toddlers can actually be easier than with older children. This notion may seem counter-intuitive, but he is not alone: I have talked with a number of families who feel […]

EER011: To be a Digital Nomad with Family

Jacob is a digital nomad with family, and he and his wife, Kalli have it figured out. They began exploring the globe not long after marrying in 2008, and have been traveling ever since. Their son, Ryder was born in Mexico, and has enjoyed nearly 2 years on the road with his mom and dad. To […]