EER075: Remote Work with Kids to Fund Family Travel

Remote work with kids isn’t always the easiest way to fund family travel, but for many families, it’s the best (if not only) solution. REMOTE WORK TO FUND FAMILY TRAVEL We’ve used remote work part of our travel lifestyle strategy ever since we left our desks jobs in 2013, and today’s guest has used remote work to […]

EER072: Marathon Travel, Baby Travel & Vegan Travel with Kids

Vegan travel with kids: would it be difficult? Matt Urbanski doesn’t think so. He and his wife Julie have been exploring the globe with their 9-month-old son, following marathons and other races to run. VEGAN TRAVEL WITH KIDS Chatting from the Chamonix Valley in France, Matt talks about running, money, vegan travel and the new habits they’ve […]

EER071: How to Work and Travel the World with Kids

Do you want to know how to work and travel the world with kids? I know I do (we’re working on it). Sabina King and her husband Keith have figured out a way that works for them. Save & Share on Pinterest! HOW TO WORK AND TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH KIDS In this Epic Education Radio […]

EER070: Long-term Family Travel with Health Issues

Travel with health issues is a big concern for many people. Traveling for kids with serious health issues can be an even more challenging subject. For some people, health problems stop their travel dreams. For the Tatransky family, they found a way around it. FAMILY TRAVEL WITH HEALTH ISSUES Lucie and Karel Tatransky have three kids. […]

EER068: From Homeless to Executive Assistant – One Single Mom’s Travels

You don’t think of an executive assistant working out of a backpack or an RV, but for Amber Rose, that’s exactly what happened. From Homeless to Executive Assistant When her son Riley was still small, Amber Rose was evicted from her house. She also lost her car. Homeless and struggling, she was forced to live with […]

EER067: How to Work from Anywhere with Kids

Would you like to work from anywhere and travel with your kids? Today’s guests have figured out a way that works for them. HOW TO WORK FROM ANYWHERE WITH KIDS In April of 2014, Rob and Tracey Tullis left their life in Canada and flew to Colombia with their young son. Over two years and many countries […]

EER065: Living in an RV with kids

Michael and Crissa Boyink have been living in an RV with kids since 2010. Covering much of the USA, they’ve seen 41 states so far, and have no plans of stopping any time soon. LIVING IN AN RV WITH KIDS Back for their second show, I consider the Boyink family like “returning champions.” They are […]

EER056: Unschooling, Family Travel & Location Independence

Location independence is something that many parents want. For Caroline King and her family, a life of family travel and location independence happened as much out of necessity as out of desire. Location Independence meets Family Travel Living in her home country of Sweden, Caroline faced the country’s “skolplikt” (compulsory education) system, which required that her kids […]

EER054: Working Online in Southeast Asia With Kids

Could you move to Southeast Asia with kids? It’s a great place to travel, but what would living and working there be like? Many parents want to work online. Many of those same parents want to travel in Southeast Asia with kids. Sheralyn and Paul Guilleminot have found a way to do both! You might remember […]

EER050: Slow Travel & Remote Working with Kids

Slow Travel & Remote Working with Kids Do you think you could pull off remote working with kids? Today’s guests Will and Jessica Suero are discovering just how it works for their family. It started with a summer in France. Will tried working remotely for his company, and this experiment with location independence was such a success that […]