Taipei Night Markets & More: Where To Go & What to Eat in Taiwan

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If you visit Taiwan, then visiting the Taipei night markets should be your number-one thing to do. In truth, Taiwan night market food is great all over the island, but the Taipei night markets are some of the best. For many of you, Taipei may be the only Taiwanese city you visit, so make sure to stuff your face at the night markets in Taipei. It’s one of our family’s favorite places to eat!

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I’ve had my share of street food: from takoyaki in Osaka to churros in Valencia — from tacos and marquesitas in Merida to satay and pie tee in Penang.

Out of all the street food we’ve tried, Taiwan’s remains my favorite. Taipei night markets are some of the best in the world, and I miss the Taiwan night market food on an almost weekly basis. Taiwanese food is amazing, by the way. There are lots of Chinese elements to it, of course, but also Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese — remnants of past occupiers.

Seafood and vegetables are generally fresh and cooked to order, and the fruit and juice in Taiwan are second to none. Most Taipei night markets have carnival-like games and possibly a few kids’ rides as well.

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Best Taipei Night Markets

Best Taipei Night Markets

There are dozens of big Taipei night markets around the city, but I’ve chosen just a few of my favorites below to recommend.

Keep in mind that good Taiwan night markets are often very crowded. It’s totally safe for kids to run around a bit, and Taiwanese people are very kind and loving to children. Be aware, however, that many food stalls have hot surfaces and boiling oil here and there.

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Spread throughout the city, Taipei night markets are the throbbing pulse of Taiwanese food culture. Sure, there much finer dining to be had, but if you want a real slice of life on the island, then this is where to be. Below is not a complete list of Taipei night markets, but rather a selection of some of our favorites.

Do you have a favorite Taipei night market? Let us know in the comments!

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market - Best Taipei Night Markets : Taiwan with Kids: Taipei Night Markets & Nightlife

This is one of the biggest Taipei night markets, and one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan. You’ll find menus in English and Japanese, and it’s easy to access, being right next to the MRT Red Line’s Jian Tian stop.

That said, it’s mostly underground now, which I personally think is less atmospheric, and its popularity with tourists means that sometimes you get a more sanitized (and watered-down) version of local favorites. Check the nearby sprawl of streets for more culinary options.

Nearest station: MRT Red Line Jiantan station

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Taipei Shida Market

Taipei Shida Night Market - Best Taipei Night Markets Taiwan with Kids

This Taipei night market is not as centralized, and there’s less food and more fashion shops and other hipster stuff since it’s next to a university.

That said, its location means that it draws a younger crowd of students and can be interesting for people watching as well. You’ll also find more coffee and sandwich/burger shops here and there. Out of all the Taipei night markets listed here, this is the hippest.

Nearest station: MRT Green line Taipower Building Station

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Raohe Night Market

Raohe Night Market - Best Taipei night markets

This is probably our family’s favorite of the Taipei night markets. It’s fairly compact and easy to navigate (just one long strip) and the food options are quite varied.

It becomes one of our favorite Taiwan night markets also because of its location. Situated next to a river, Raohe Night Market gives you a place to step out of the crush of humanity if you need a breather or simply want some open space to eat or lets the kids run around.

Nearest station: TRA Songshan Station

Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Keelung Night Market Taipei Night Markets & More Where To Go & What to Eat in Taiwan

Out of all the Taipei Night Markets, this is where to go for the freshest seafood.  This port town has one of the most dynamic atmospheres of any night market.

There’s one catch: it’s actually not in Taipei city but 30-40 minutes by car and longer by train. You could arrange a driver (uber, taxi or tour), or get there by train. Another possibility is to tack it onto another day trip to Jiufen.

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There is more to Taipei nightlife than Taipei Night Markets. Here are a few areas of town where you’ll find good food and a great atmosphere.

Yongkang Street

Yongkang Street Best Taipei Night markets and nightlife

Here you’ll find swank shops, hip cafes and excellent restaurants, including the original Din Tai Fung dumpling shop, which for some people is a destination in itself.


Taipei with children: Ximending Best Taipei night markets

Often called Taiwan’s Harajuku (a hip area of Tokyo), Ximending is one of those frantic hubs of youth-culture that pulses with noise and neon. Lots of food and shopping to be had here, as well.


Best Taipei Night Markets

Have you been to night markets in Taiwan with kids? What’s your favorite Taipei night market? How about your favorite night market food? Leave a comment below, and don’t be shy to contact me.

If you are looking for things to do during the daytime, check out our “Top 15 Things To do in Taipei with Kids.” Hope your stay in Taiwan is as great as ours.

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